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December 10, 2019
Pros & Cons of DIY Acne Treatment

When you suffer from acne, you go through much more than breakouts on your skin. This condition can devastate your self-esteem and make you sit home alone, afraid to show your face to the world. Seeing a dermatologist can, unfortunately, be very expensive. And, for those people who don’t have health insurance – or insurance […]

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What You Need to Know About Parabens

Parabens have been causing quite the controversy in the recent decade. From studies showing links to cancer, to some countries instigating outright bans against it, it’s definitely been making headlines. But what exactly is it and is it really that bad for you? Parabens’ first appearance in food grade items and cosmetics was in 1930 […]

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November 12, 2019
Using Probiotics to Improve Acne

The health benefits of probiotics are well known in the medical community, but did you know that using a probiotic can help get your acne under control and keep your skin clear? Doctors prescribe probiotics to patients for certain conditions but, if you visit a medical doctor or dermatologist for breakouts, the chances are slim […]

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8 Weird Things That Cause Acne Breakouts

Sometimes it can feel like acne occurs with no rhyme or reason. While the main cause of acne is genetic/hormonal reasons, there can be physical and environmental aspects at play as well. Noticing the patterns of when your acne occurs will help you keep breakouts from happening as frequently and intensely. Here’s a list of […]

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October 8, 2019
How Diet Affects Acne Breakouts

Despite what you may have heard, your diet can have a profound effect on your skin and acne flareups. Today, we understand the inner workings of the human body much better than we did decades ago. Back then, teens and others who experienced acne were advised to avoid greasy foods, chocolate, and other foods because […]

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Control Your Acne With These Simple Homecare Suggestions

Have you ever fallen down the rabbit hole of so-called acne cures and treatments? It may start off just browsing but soon enough you’re hundreds of pages deep into a single Google search with no end in sight and ending up with more questions than you originally started with. What leads you to diving so […]

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What Actually Helps Acne Scars

Acne by itself can cause strife but the after-effects can be just as damaging and far more long-lasting. Acne scarring usually happens when you pick at your skin. This is particularly bad for middle or high schoolers who simply don’t know or can’t help going after their pimples and blackheads. Of course, the best remedy […]

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September 10, 2019
Tips on Preventing Blackheads

Among those who deal with acne regularly, and even those with fewer such issues every now and then, blackheads are a well-known and common occurrence. So named for their color and appearance on the face or other skin areas, blackheads are unpleasant to look at and can be uncomfortable to deal with as well. At […]

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Has Acne Been Affecting Your Life?

While it is common for acne to develop in the beginning stages of maturation (between the ages of 10 and 13) it’s not totally uncommon for it to start later and last longer for some people, particularly if you have oily skin. Mild acne is characterized by having fewer than 20 whiteheads or blackheads, fewer […]

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Do Those Trendy Face Masks Really Work?

You’ve probably seen videos or advertisements of those white paper masks that are so popular right now. The ones with the holes cut out for your mouth and nose? Yeah, those ones. Many others have made it onto the scene as well, whether it’s charcoal, clay, rose, mud, sheets masks. But are they really good […]

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August 13, 2019
How Popping Pimples Can Worsen Acne Breakouts

There are several negative habits that may contribute to acne breakouts, and one of these relates to mistaken attempts to clear it up: Picking at or popping pimples. While it may seem like a good idea in the moment, and feels like it accomplishes something and gets rid of a negative mark, popping pimples yourself […]

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Do I Have to Use A Moisturizer If I Have Oily Skin?

When your skin gets dry, it responds by creating more oil. This extra oil can clog pores, giving you pimples. Not moisturizing if you have oily skin can actually make your skin produce more oil because it’s dry and this can cause your skin to look even more shiny. Skin has what is called a […]

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Helpful Habits For Keeping Your Skin Clear

There are a lot of little things to keep in mind when it comes to preventing acne. A big one is cleanliness, but not just of your skin. You also want to think of things that regularly come into contact with your face. Here are a few things to remember while on your journey of […]

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Will Microdermabrasion Help My Acne?

Microdermabrasion has two different methods that may be unreliable when it comes to helping sensitive or acne prone skin. In this article, we will explain what they are, what they are used for, and what the potential risks are when using them for aiding acne. The first method of microdermabrasion is called Crystal microdermabrasion. During […]

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July 9, 2019
Common Acne Care Mistakes to Avoid

At Skintherapy, it’s a point of pride for us to provide comprehensive, tailored skincare for acne and acne scarring. From a variety of treatments to expertise across a wide world of acne products, even including specialty areas like acne-safe makeup, our estheticians are here to help minimize the appearance and impact of acne all over […]

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Spa Facials. Do They Help or Harm Acne?

It’s not hard to find horror stories online showing the results of a bad facial. This post is not to scare you, but to let you in on what to look for in an esthetician and common risks that come with getting spa facials.   Good skin is most importantly about having a solid routine, […]

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June 11, 2019
Debunking Common Myths About Acne and Treatment

When treating acne, it’s important to have a solid handle on what works and what doesn’t for your issues. All patients have slightly different acne-related symptoms and concerns, all under the backdrop of typically causes and exacerbators of acne that are familiar to most people who have suffered from it. At Skintherapy, we’ve noticed that […]

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What's The Best Way To Wash Your Face?

Though it can be a struggle to find the right cleansing routine, there are a lot of ways you can do it wrong, which we will address in this post to help you get the most out of your skincare routine. The right cleansing process will help you avoid breakouts and even help reduce scarring. […]

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What's Better for Acne, Shaving or Waxing?

The question we are going to answer in this article can be a little bit embarrassing for most people. Similar to having acne, it’s one of those unspoken problems that feels like talking about it will only make it worse somehow.   But we are here to remind you that having unwanted hair is completely […]

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May 14, 2019
Basics and Treatments for Female Hormonal Acne

When it comes to acne, particularly for teenagers and young adults, there’s a specific connection between this condition and hormones in the body. Hormone fluctuations are a direct cause of acne, and these age groups experience the largest changes in these areas and therefore deal with this with the greatest frequency. At Skintherapy, we’re here […]

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