Acne Scar Treatment

If you have acne scars, but have been hesitant to seek treatment because you believe it will be costly, extensive, and expensive, Skintherapy Acne Clinic can help restore your confidence. We specialize in treating discoloration and pigmented marks from past acne breakouts. Most acne scars can be successfully treated using safe, non-invasive therapies that are highly affordable and require little to no downtime.

At Skintherapy Acne Clinic in Salt Lake City, we have been helping people banish acne for more than a decade. We are also proud to offer a variety of treatments that can reduce the appearance of scars in, for most patients, help get rid of them entirely.

What Causes Acne Scarring?

To examine the causes of acne scars, we must take a step back and look at the underlying cause of this troublesome skin condition.

Most acne is the result of hormonal conditions in the body. Certain hormones can cause the pores and hair follicles to secrete an excess of oil, known as sebum. Sebum and dead skin cells become lodged in the pores and create a blockage. These blockages encourage the growth of acne-causing bacteria which then causes inflammation and acne eruptions.

Many acne sufferers develop scars because they can’t keep their hands away from the face. The truth is that popping pimples can cause scarring. But, even if you’re very good and never touch your zits, you can still develop scars that range from mild to deep “icepick” type indentations. Here’s why.

When the pore becomes clogged and bacterial growth occurs, the pore swells due to inflammation and an all the material trapped inside. This can cause a breakdown in the wall of the pore or hair follicle. The deeper the level where this breakdown takes place, the greater the chance that bacteria can affect the surrounding tissue, causing the familiar pockmarks associated with acne scars.

Is Acne Scar Removal Possible?

The simple answer to this question is, yes, it is possible to get rid of your scars without having plastic surgery. This is true for most people even if their scars are deep or severe.

As to how to remove acne scars, that depends on the individual. Every person is different and that means, for acne scar removal to be effective, you need a treatment program that is designed specifically for you.

Some of the most common ways to banish scarring are simple and affordable. Topical treatments such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide can be highly effective, as long as you use professional strength products (rather than those purchased over the counter, which are not potent enough to be effective).

Chemical peels are also highly effective, especially for those people with darker or more extensive scarring. A combination of LED light therapy and microdermabrasion are also simple, affordable and effective for reducing or eliminating scars.

Effective Acne Scar Treatment in Salt Lake City

The first step in treating acne scars is prevention. Getting your skin cleared up as quickly as possible can reduce or even eliminate the chance of scarring for most people.

Once you have banished your acne, an esthetician can evaluate your skin to determine what it will take to address any residual scarring. Those who go through our acne control program will also see their discoloration and scarring fade as we clear your skin.

At Skintherapy, we offer a variety of treatments that can reduce or eliminate acne scars while restoring your confidence. If you’re ready to feel good in your skin again, contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about acne scar treatment.






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