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 Skintherapy is a professional acne clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer acne sufferers a comprehensive approach to skincare and acne treatments. Unlike dermatologist and doctors, we never use harsh prescriptions. Instead, we personalize every acne control plan with our clients to produce longterm, life-enhancing results.

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We form long-term relationships with each client in our Utah based Acne Clinic.  Our Clear and Acne Free Program™ will be customized just for you based on your skin, lifestyle and acne type.  


You’ll learn why you have acne. Why past acne treatments have failed and how to sustain your clear complexion forever.



We only treat acne. Never use harsh prescriptions or isotretinoin (Accutane) So clearing your skin is our #1 goal.

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Why Our Program Works

We believe that acne therapy is not limited to just using new skincare products and a single treatment or appointment with a dermatologist. At our acne clinic in Salt Lake City, we take the time to learn more about you, and your individual struggle with acne, then we come up with a personalized clearing plan that works for you.

As your skin improves and adapts to our treatment, we make adjustments to keep it effective over time. With our Clear and Acne Free Program™, your skin becomes clear and stays clear.

Our program’s effectiveness has taken time, knowledge and experimentation to develop over the past thirteen years. We  incorporate best practices from several renowned researchers in the industry and Jil Goorman’s Skincare line to produce a results based acne program which can produce clear, beautiful skin for every type of acne.







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