Skin Care Services to Treat Acne

Looking for acne skin treatment in Salt Lake City? Skintherapy is here to help you achieve your goal of clear and beautiful skin. We’ve been clearing acne successfully since 2008.

Get the Acne Treatment You Need 

Acne results from blocked pores which fill up with dead skin cells, dirt and oil. The pore forms the beginning of a zit known as a ‘microcomedone’ and you develop a pimple three to four months later. While acne predominantly shows up during the teenage years, this skin problem can affect people of all ages.

But the effects of acne are not limited to the skin. Having an acne breakout could affect your social life. Without treatment, this skin problem can worsen and take a toll on your emotional health.

The good news is that treatment exists for this skin condition. The early treatment of acne can help prevent emotional stress and permanent acne scars. With our acne treatment program, you can say goodbye to acne and look forward to beautiful skin.

Skin Care Services for Treating Acne For Face and Body


Prior to your appointment with our Clinic: 

  •  Please discontinue using any topical prescriptions prescribed for your acne for two weeks. 
  •  You must be off Accutane for three months prior to us seeing you in our clinic.
  • We do use benzoyl peroxide in our program. Very few people are allergic to benzoyl peroxide but if you have a known allergy we cannot treat you. 

  What to expect during your Consultation: 

  Your new client consultation will cost $100. In addition, you will purchase your homecare products which will be approximately $170-$220 (approx.8 weeks worth of product) These products are an essential part of getting your skin clear and acne under control. We do not offer a program without homecare product purchase. 

 During your initial consultation, we will review your acne history. What you are currently using as your homecare routine and what you have used in the past for your acne will be important for us to know.

  • Based on our analysis of your skin and acne history we will create a homecare routine for you. You will be thoroughly educated on how and when to use each step of your routine. Our Estheticians may also recommend an add-on service which is our LED Light Therapy Treatment during your consultation. This recommendation will be based on the type of can you have because we believe this therapy will enhance your treatment and outcome. (See Package Price Below)
  • We will review and discuss any acne triggers or lifestyle changes which we feel you may need to make to get your skin clear. We feel that it’s important to control your acne from the inside out.
  • Following your consultation, we will set up a two to three-week follow-up appointment. These types of appointments will be ongoing until your skin is clear. Such appointments are essential for us to deep clean your pores, adjust your homecare regimen and lighten red marks and scarring. The cost will be $85.00
  • To achieve clear skin please plan on following our Clear and Acne Free Program ™ for three-six months. Outcomes may vary depending on clients adherence to the program, product usage, and lifestyle changes.


 Body Acne: 

Acne is not a skin condition that’s limited to the face. Pimples can also appear on other areas of the body, including the chest, upper arms, shoulders, neck and back. Acne can be a source of embarrassment. It can affect your self-confidence if left untreated. When you need an acne removal solution, visit our clinic in Salt Lake City. You can count on our professional team to treat your skin condition.

If you want to add-on a body treatment and we’ve been treating your face for acne the price will be $50 per area/per treatment instead of $85.


Add on LED Light Therapy for Inflammation and Redness 

Our Celluma LED Light panel has been extensively researched and has proven valuable as add on therapy while treating those clients who suffer with inflamed acne or if a client who is non-inflamed and suffers with excessive purging while getting clear in our clinic.  We have also noticed redness and healing time from in-office extractions improves with the light treatment. This therapy is painless, safe and relaxing. Clients should come to their scheduled LED session with a clean face. After your session we will follow up with an application of sunscreen. Makeup can be applied once you return home. 

This light therapy uses pulsed waves that deliver anti-inflammatory properties into the skin using a mixture of blue/red/infrared light and helps mitigate irritation and redness. We suggest sessions 30 minutes and twice a week. 


Single Treatment: $40.00 for 30 minutes. (Non Clinic Clients-this can be booked online)

Single Treatment: $30.00 for 30 minutes (Current Client, please contact us to book this 801-800-6602 so we can give you the discounted price)

Buy 8 LED Light Therapy Sessions and get the 9th for free-$240 (package must be used within 6 months of purchase) You can purchase this package online, We like to book out all of your sessions at once. Please call us 801-800-6602 to book out the appointments for you.



Online Acne Treatment Program for Long Distance Clients 



Do you have acne but don’t live in Utah or live at least 50 miles away? We have put together an Online Acne Treatment Program just for you.  

Click the link below to read more about the program and get started 


Bid Farewell to Facial Acne and Say Hello to a Blemish-Free Skin

It is best to avoid popping pimples, because it raises your chances of developing scars. On top of that, it forces pore debris deeper into your follicles and makes blemishes worse.

Rather than popping your acne, visit our Salt Lake City clinic for proper treatment. Our services treat acne and help prevent the formation of acne scars.






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