Teen Acne Treatment

When a young man or woman experiences teen acne, treatment is critical for preventing both physical and emotional scars.

Contrary to many common myths, these problems rarely have anything to do with your teen being dirty, nor do they result from not washing the face frequently enough. Rather, teen acne develops a result of simple biology. As hormones increase during the “tween” and early teenage years, oil glands become overactive. Pores become clogged with dead, oily skin cells and create an environment that encourages the growth of a specific type of bacteria. Acne breakouts occur due to the resulting infection, followed by inflammation.

For teenagers, even mild or occasional breakouts can be devastating for them socially. The good news is that effective teen acne treatments do exist, even without the hassle and expense of seeing a dermatologist.

In Salt Lake City, Skintherapy Acne Clinic specializes in helping teens overcome acne and related skin problems.

The Harmful Effects of Teenage Acne

Although parents often view skin problems as a normal occurrence during the teen years, we know today that acne can leave behind many types of scars – only some of which can be seen on the skin.

These normally shy and awkward years become exponentially worse when your teen suffers from breakouts. They can be teased and bullied mercilessly at school, causing emotional scarring and withdrawal. They may lose interest in attending school events or participating in activities they used to enjoy.

Research tells us that teenage acne can lead to anxiety, depression, eating disorders and a variety of other mental health challenges, including the development of poor self-image and the loss of self-esteem.

Teens don’t need to suffer needlessly – or risk permanent facial scarring – because effective treatment can be both simple and affordable.


Acne Treatment Options for Teens

Parents often believe that seeing a dermatologist is the only option for handling their teenager’s acne. Unfortunately, seeing a doctor or dermatologist may not be the most effective treatment for clearing acne in the long term.

The other concern shared by many parents is the safety of medical treatment for teen acne. After all, many of them still suffer the ill-effects of antibiotics, accutane, and other treatments that were once believed to be the best approach to clearing up teenage skin problems.

Dermatologists, like most medical doctors, tend to recommend harsh prescription drugs for treating pimples. Although these may provide some relief (often temporary), these medications also carry a significant risk of side effects.

Fortunately, safe and effective teenage acne treatment alternatives do exist today.

Teenage Acne Treatment That Works

Today, parents are discovering the benefits of visiting a professional esthetician for teen skin care, including the treatment of acne.

At Skintherapy Acne Clinic in Salt Lake City, we use a safe, non-invasive approach that is proven effective for banishing the appearance and emotional stigma of teenage pimples and breakouts. Our program is simple and affordable, and your teen will see results surprisingly quickly. Even more important, we don’t use harsh prescription drugs or medications, so there are no risks of side effects.

Parents want the best for their children, and that means helping them put their best face forward in life. Contact Skintherapy today to schedule your consultation for teen acne treatment.

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