Acne Treatment for Men

Although teenage boys often outgrow acne, this condition can sometimes persist well into adulthood. For other men, acne can come calling even later in life. And, unfortunately, adult breakouts can lead to permanent scarring – not to mention the embarrassment and social stigma that results.

Although we understand the basics of why acne flare ups occur in men, it can be challenging to banish the problem once and for all.

You could see a dermatologist, but few men want to risks using the long-term prescription medications that a dermatologist will most likely recommend.

The good news is that, with the right type of treatment program, men can put acne in their rearview mirror for good.

Adult Male Acne Facts

Just like the breakouts that plague teenage boys, adult male acne emerges as a result of hormones. The higher the concentration of testosterone you have, the higher your chances of developing male acne.

High levels of male hormones cause the skin’s oil glands to overproduce sebum. Sebum, along with dead skin cells, becomes embedded deep in the pores and hair follicles, causing them to become blocked. Once blocked, an overgrowth of bacteria occurs, causing inflammation and, ultimately, acne eruptions.

Even just a few pimples can lead to permanent acne scarring and, unless you seek treatment for this condition, it is highly unlikely to resolve on its own.


Male Acne Treatment Options

Essentially, men have three basic options for treating acne. You can try over-the-counter creams and medications, which usually are not effective in adult men. You can order an expensive male skincare regimen from an infomercial, some of which can cost several hundred dollars or more, with little better results.

You can see a dermatologist but that typically leads to potentially risky prescription drugs or overly harsh topical products that can cause reactions like discomfort, irritation, and excessively dry skin.

The third option is to consult with an esthetician who specializes in the treatment of male acne. In this approach, you will have the benefit of a personalized evaluation of your skin and the commendation of a treatment program created just for you. Not only is this approach simple and affordable, but it typically yields the best possible outcome.

Safe, Effective Acne Treatment for Men

In Salt Lake City, Skintherapy Acne Clinic helps men overcome adult acne with safe, effective treatment programs designed to work quickly and without the risk of side effects.

Our treatment programs combine personalized male skin care regimens along with recommendations for lifestyle changes and advanced therapies that target acne-causing bacteria and banish it from your life. Our founder, Master Esthetician Jil Goorman and our experienced team have been safely and effectively helping acne sufferers in northern Utah for more than 10 years. Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation or to learn more about our innovative male acne treatment programs.

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At Skintherapy, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality, individualized acne therapy tailored to meet your unique needs. No two people are the same, and neither are their struggles with acne. Whether you’re just starting your journey to clear skin or have been fighting the battle for a long time, our team of acne experts are here to help. We have proven experience in successfully controlling acne and helping you to be happier in your skin since 2008.

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