A Range of Non-Acne Skin Care Services

Our Salt Lake City clinic offers non-acne skin treatment options as well. We have a range of cosmetic treatments that enhance the overall condition and appearance of your skin.

On top of helping you get rid of acne, we have skin-care treatments to improve the look of your skin. Our services include:

Chemical Peel’s

This skin-care procedure uses a chemical solution to get rid of the dead cells from the skin’s top layer. Chemical peels reveal a smoother, more refined and brighter complexion. They also:

  • Help Clear up Breakout Pigment
  • Increase Skin Hydration
  • Minimize Discoloration Caused by Sun Damage

Chemical Peels we offer:

  • Simple Chemical Peel: – 15 minutes – $85
  • Tca Peel for Face: -30 minutes – $300
  • Tca Peel for Face, Neck, and Chest: 45 minutes – $350

ThermoClear Treatments- “The Machine” 

*** Service Currently Available***

This technology utilizes high and lo Radio Frequency to remove skin imperfections like;

age spots/epidermal pigmentation/skin tags/cherry angiomas/

sebacious hyperplasia /Fibromas/seborrheic keratosis/milia/broken capillaries and blackheads/cystic blemishes.

This treatment has minimal downtime, and is less expensive then seeing a dermatologist for the removal of these minor skin imperfections.

-15 minutes=$90

-30 minutes=$180

Some imperfections may take two or more sessions to resolve.  You may see some crusting, redness and minor irritation after treatment. Mineral makeup may be worn during healing and avoidance of direct sunlight.  A sunscreen with at least a 30 spf should  be worn daily . Most clients rate the pain scale tolerable and the treatment is quick.

LEAge-less Exfoliation and LED Light Therapy

***Service Currently Not Available***

This skin therapy we offer at our Salt Lake City clinic uses wavelengths to stimulate the skin’s fibroblasts, which boost elastin and collagen. Our procedure is a safe, convenient and effective way to get youthful and healthy-looking skin. Additionally, our LED light therapy:

  • Improves Skin Texture
  • Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Tones and Firms the Skin


This is a ten treatment package which includes a light exfoliation after the light. Suggested that treatments be done once a week for 10 weeks. — $1,000 (Package must be used within 6 months of purchase) You can buy this package online but to book out the appointments, please contact us at 801-800-6602.


This non-invasive, non-chemical cosmetic procedure uses microcrystals to eliminate dead, dry skin and reveal healthier, younger-looking skin. Our procedure:

  • Unclogs Pores
  • Improves Absorption of Skin-Care Products
  • Enhances Lymphatic and Blood Circulation Deep within the Skin

1 session 30 minutes – $90







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