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I can't say enough good things about Skintherapy. I was looking for help calming my skin after having a baby and I have gotten that and more. Everyone is incredibly nice, answers any question I might have, and gives me a few laughs at my visits. I have noticed continued improvement in my skin and confidence. The price can seem a bit steep at first, but the products and services are truly worth it (the sunscreen smells amazing!). Thank you for making a difference in my life.
Response from the owner: Annie, So happy you found us. Thanks for your kind review.Jil
My skin has improved so much since coming to Skintherapy! I’ve been dealing with acne since high school and for years have been at a loss for how to help my skin. But after coming to Skintherapy, I have much better control of my breakouts and have reached weeks where I have zero breakouts. My skin is a lot smoother and I've gotten to the point where I'm now tackling my hyperpigmentation. My favorite thing about my visits at Skintherapy is getting to work with Amanda who is so sweet, gentle and is always super fun to talk with. My appointments always go so fast and Amanda is great at making sure all my questions are answered and that I am comfortable. I also really love the skincare products offered and haven't tried a product that I haven't liked.The only drawback for me is that appointments and products can get quite pricy and the only office is a bit of a drive for me.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review Lindsay.Jil
Right now, SkinTherapy is my favorite location to go for therapy. It's one of the best, I enjoy the atmosphere, and everyone is kind and willing to answer any concerns I have about my skin. Since April 2023, I have been visiting and using the product. I've noticed a difference in my skin since my first appointment. <3
Response from the owner: We appreciate your kind words Thank you for the review. Jil
This place saved my skin. When I started coming I was breaking out so bad from coming off birth control. Since I had no idea how to manager acne I was wasting SO much money on any product I could find online that might help. Within weeks I had all inflammation gone and now we are working on healing my body. Truly the cleanest and most pure products I've seen for your skin, sweetest people too.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the kind review Taylor. We loved helping you. Jil
I love this place so much! I had acne break downs over 5 years and I tried to many different places all around the world since I lived in few places. And even in South Korea that is known for good skin care I was not able to get rid of it. But coming here was life changing! My skin looks clean and I cannot be more happier than now. There products are also super useful! Highly recommend ☺️
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review. We loved helping you
Yes, it seems expensive at first… but it is worth it! My skin is more amazing than it's ever been. I didn’t get acne until I was in my early 30s and had no skincare routine and no idea where to start. This lovely place takes the guesswork and high cost out of buying random products that don’t work. The products are clean and great for my sensitive skin. I also like the focus on lifestyle changes that can help your skin including diet and other scented items that could be causing breakouts. The acne cream is SERIOUSLY magic. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin. The clinic is always very clean and the front desk lady is always super friendly and chill. And I love my esthetician, Amy!!
Response from the owner: Beth, Thank you for writing this review. We loved helping you with your skin.Jil
Finding this place has been a GODSEND ! I didn't get acne until my late twenties and didn't know how to combat it, but after going to Skin Therapy and Acne clinic for a few months my face is CLEAR!!! They know their stuff and help you with a routine and figure out your triggers to clogged pores. I would 10/10 recommend to anyone who is struggling with skin issues. They know what is up. Super friendly staff, and great products!
Response from the owner: So glad we could help with your skin concerns .Jil
this place has seriously changed my life! not only do they have the sweetest estheticians, but they’re products are AMAZING! they have educated me so much on my skin, and I’m forever grateful! the estheticians are truly there to help us feel beautiful in our own skin. I’m so glad I found this place & highly highly recommend it to anyone struggling with acne!
Response from the owner: Lindsey,Thanks for the review.. So glad we could help you with your skin.Jil
Skintheraphy changed not just my face, but also helped me be healthy internally! They really helped me change for the better! And everyone noticed it, which you can really say its true. ❤️ Whenever I have friends asking where I go to, I always recommend them to go here!Amy has been amazing all throughout my journey with them! Everyone is friendly too but Amy has been my go-to esthetician here. Love her! 🤍
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review KateJil
Skintherapy has saved my skin! I was painfully dealing with adult acne all through my 20s and thought I had tried everything. I'm so happy I didn't give up and finally found this place. Everything is amazing, between the front desk service, the care during your extractions and peels, and their products! I love love love their products and will never go another day without them. My skin is completely clear now and glowing! My scars keep progressively dulling. It is all very well worth the price.
Response from the owner: Madison,Thanks for the review. We loved helping you. Jil
Ya'll - if you struggle with acne, GO HERE. When I tell you I was THIS CLOSE (super close) to taking accurate, I mean it. I signed iPledge and everything, I was so ready to just clear my skin. I went to Skintherapy as a last resort and my skin is FINALLY clear. :) I only have videos though, I didn't take any photos ... and it won't let me post them here :(
Response from the owner: Charles, so happy you found our clinic. Thank you for writing this review. Hopefully it will help others say no to Accutane and come and see us.Congrats for getting clear!Jil
For the past 2 years I’ve been going monthly for chemical peels and I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin. My skin has cleared so much, most of my acne is gone and my pigmentation has lightened so much and is almost gone. They have the cleanest skin care and makeup line and the way they do their peels is very effective
Response from the owner: Pascale,Thanks for your review.Jil
I totally recommend this place. I am very satisfied and grateful with the results of my treatment. Both Kendra and the other girls on the team have helped and guided me through the process and today my face is so much better. I have been a customer for a year now and this place helped restore my confidence. It's so worth the investment. GREAT clinic!
Response from the owner: Thanks for your review. Jil
I don't normally leave reviews, but I seriously owe the perfect state of my skin to the staff at Skintherapy Skincare & Acne Clinic! My first appointment was in November of 2021, and I suffered from extreme hormonal acne. I had tried everything under the sun from different skin-care brands, changing all of my makeup, to all of the medications from my dermatologist (excluding Accutane). I randomly found one of their before and after pictures on my Explore page on Instagram, and from there I booked my first appointment. I was not hopeful that anything would ever work for me, so I figured I could rule out this option if it didn't work.I was so so wrong.My first appointment was seriously life changing. I felt so seen and heard from my esthetician, Amanda. She educated me on all of the things regarding my routine that I would need to change, and for the first time I actually felt like this would work. Within the first month, I saw drastic changes in my skin. Their products seriously work from the deepest layer of your skin and change you from the inside out. It is now April, and I have already been cleared from their active acne regimen. This was huge for me! Following their advice and using their products truly saved my skin.I would recommend Skintherapy Skincare & Acne Clinic to seriously everyone of any age. I am 22, and my 13 year old sister has also started coming here. It doesn't matter what stage of life you're in, how old you are, or what the state of your skin is, Skintherapy will take care of you. It is SO worth the investment!
Response from the owner: Thanks Kenzie for your review.Jil
I have been struggling with acne, especially cystic acne, since I was 15. I tried everything- topical, medications, accutane, etc. and nothing worked until a friend recommended the Utah Acne Clinic to me. I have been coming here for about 6 months and my skin is the clearest it’s been since I was in high school. If you struggle with acne like me, 10/10 would recommend this acne clinic!
Response from the owner: MadiiThank you for your kind words. Loved helping you ❤️Jil
I totally recommend this place to anyone that is struggling with acne. I am grateful that I found this place because I tried different things and places and nothing helped. Also, I would like to thank Tasia for being the best and helped me through the process. I am more than happy with my results.
Response from the owner: Fabiana thank you the review. Loved being able you help you with your skin ! Jil
They are the best! They really helped me and cleaned my face completely! Recommend!
Response from the owner: Thanks for your review. Loved helping you.Jil
This review is LONG overdue but now I have my 1 year before & afters to post I guess! Skintherapy SAVED my skin!!! I’ve never had amazing skin but started suffering from terrible, adult onset, hormonal acne. Just when I thought there was no hope I found this miracle clinic! It has been a long journey and I have been diligent with my routine but I finally have skin I feel confident, free, and happy in!! I worked mostly with Amanda but all of the staff here are amazing! Always so nice and helpful and never made me feel embarrassed by my horrible acne. If you think your skin is beyond repair please do yourself a favor and go here!! I am so happy I did and now I LOVE my skin. I have some pigment scarring we are still working on but the texture and breakouts have improved more than I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you Skintherapy ❤️❤️
Response from the owner: Chantel,Thanks for your review. So glad your trusted us with your skin.Jil
My face looks amazing now! And now we are working on clearing up the dark spots from previous acne! No more full face of make up to hide my acne!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Leah. Loved helping ❤ Jil
I have been very pleased with my experience working with this clinic. My skin has never looked better and I am very appreciative of the helpful and friendly staff who have spent the time and energy to help me understand what products and routines work best for my skin.
Response from the owner: Hannah,Love your review. Thank you for sharing. Jil
My skin has never looked or felt better. At 46 years old, I have youthful looking skin - bright and clear, with even tone and texture. I get compliments frequently and I attribute it to great home care using Jil’s Skintherapy products and regular light chemical peels. I won’t use anything else!
Response from the owner: Thanks Sarah for your review. Jil
I'm 33 years old. I was recently diagnosed with rosacea and adult acne. I devastated I never had bad acne. It was painful my face would burn from the redness. Lucky I was introduced to Jil Goorman after seeing her I saw results within the first few weeks. Now my face is clear and painless. By following all her steps and using the home care regimen products my face continues to look and feel GREAT! I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about having a clear face.
Response from the owner: Your skin looks beautiful.Thanks for the kind review.Jil
I have loved my experience at skintherapy! I've been a client for almost a year now, and the improvements in my skin and overall confidence have honestly changed my life. I had tried almost everything, and was considering going on accutane for a 2nd time since high school when I took the leap and booked an appointment here, I love the products and I'm so happy to have FINALLY found a skincare routine that works and feels good. It's so worth the investment (and it is an investment), for yourself and your skin. They told me on my first visit- "the goal isn't perfect skin, it's healthy skin!" And my skin has never been so healthy so consistently and I couldn't be happier!!
Response from the owner: Thanks for your kind words Rachel!Jil
I have struggled with acne for over 10 years and I've always had an insecurity with my skin. Since using Jil's products, my skin has been consistently acne free for over one year. The services are amazing and the entire staff is incredibly kind and helpful. I never write Google review, but I highly recommend!
Response from the owner: BetsyLove and appreciate your review.Jil
Love this place thanks for the amazing work you guys do on me
Response from the owner: Thanks Thania. Loved helping you!
My skin cleared up so fast with their help!!
Response from the owner: So excited for you Makenzie! Glad we could help. Thanks for the review.Jil
I have had the best experience at Skintherapy! In six months my breaks outs are completely gone, and my skins texture is so even. I 100% recommended anyone struggling with skin issues to come and see these wonderful people. You will not regret it.
Response from the owner: April,Loved helping you with your acne.Jil

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