What’s the Best Diet for Acne?

What’s the Best Diet for Acne?

If you struggle with skin problems like acne, you might think that topical acne treatments are the best way to combat breakouts and flareups. The truth, however, is that many factors can combine to cause skin problems. These factors, when addressed correctly, can also help contribute to the solution.

One of those factors is diet – but maybe not like you think. Old wives’ tales advised acne sufferers to avoid chocolate or grease, suggesting that eating a candy bar or a hamburger would cause breakouts. The reality is quite a bit more complex than that, and varies from person to person.

How Diet Affects Acne

What – and how – you eat has a direct affect on your overall health and your overall health affects every aspect of your body, including your skin.

If you develop health problems, it can often reflect in your skin. In fact, multiple studies have demonstrated a correlational relationship between diet and acne. The basis of this relationship appears to be rooted in inflammatory responses. If you consume foods that cause inflammation in the body, you might see the results on your skin.

So, to determine what the best diet is for improving your skin, let’s start by considering which foods you shouldn’t eat.

Which Foods Can Cause Acne?

One of the food categories most closely associated with inflammation in the body include those with a high sugar content. Avoiding simple sugars is one of the best ways to avoid inflammation – and that means beverages as well as food items. Soft drinks, for example, can be highly problematic.

Other foods that are associated with inflammatory responses in the body are those that contain high levels of salt and items from the dairy category. Other common culprits include any product with high levels of glucose -- including items such as white breads and potatoes – and products that are high in omega-6. This includes oils like soybean, safflower and corn.

Which Foods Can Help Acne?

Unfortunately, there are no magic diet formulas that will help you get – and keep – clearer skin. Some general guidelines for an acne-safe diet include eating a variety of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and healthy proteins.

You can also focus on getting more foods that are rich in omega-3, such as salmon, egg yolks and flaxseed.

The bottom line is that, in both positive and negative ways, your diet can have a significant effect on acne.

Getting Help for Acne in Salt Lake City

The best way to get rid of acne is to seek help from an expert, like the team at Skintherapy in Salt Lake City.

We address skin problems in a highly personalized way, taking the time to understand you, your lifestyle and your unique challenges. This way, we can develop a truly personalized treatment plan to get you the best results.

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