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Finally, an acne program that works!

Have you already exhausted cosmetic products, dermatologist visits, retinoids, Accutane®, and at-home-remedies in an effort to control your acne?

You don’t have to fight the battle against acne alone. It’s time for professional, individualized help from our team of Acne Experts.

It's time to call Skintherapy.

Serving the Salt Lake City, UT area, Skintherapy Skincare & Acne Clinic offers effective acne treatments and skincare.

Our approach treats acne without antibiotics and harsh prescription topicals. Instead, we use professional-grade skin care, natural suppliments and lifestyle adjustments to control acne.

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Recent Client Review...

"........... Jil is THE BEST! I have struggled with Acne since I was in middle school and all through high school. I tried many different products that said they would clear acne but in the end it didn't.
SHE HELPS you every step of the way with adjusting to treating your skin and helping you see the results you want to see!!
I have been acne free for months now, my skin looks so much healthier, clean and clearer then before. I have never felt better about my skin. MY CHOICE TO GO TO JIL WAS LIFE CHANGING! .....Rebecca" 

*Results may vary based on client adherance to program consistency

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 *results may vary based on client adherance to program consistency

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