Why Professional Extractions Are Important To Clearing Your Acne.

There are two different types of acne and some people have both; inflamed and noninflamed. Inflamed acne is things like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and even cysts. Noninflamed acne is things like bumps, dull skin, and tissue congestion--stuff that happens deep underneath the skin that make it appear bumpy and unhealthy.

It is normal to want to pick at your acne. Especially stuff on the surface that comes up like pimples and whiteheads. We know it is very tempting but please resist! Picking too much in a certain spot in your skin can not only cause scarring but also cause ‘ice pick scars’ which are deep indentations in the skin that are nearly impossible to get rid of. Instead of picking at your skin, what you need is a professional extraction.

Extractions help get all the sludge and dead skin cells up and out of your skin. Think of it like a clogged drain in your sink. Acne just means your pores are clogged way down deep under the skin stuck under there, or clogged closer to the surface of the pore with pus spilling out. Either way, it’s definitely unpleasant, sometimes painful, and needs to be taken care of correctly.

The main problem is, whether your acne is inflamed or noninflamed, the clogged pore needs help to get cleaned out. And when you try to do this yourself by picking at it, usually you just end up pushing more dirt and bacteria into the pore and surrounding tissue. If you don't get the pore totally cleaned out you end up creating scar tissue that traps the acne deeper under the skin.  Then you'll notice the area you've tried to extract yourself will continue to breakout and then subside. Then breakout again.  This is called a tombstone. Tombstones are very difficult to treat and your skin will never clear without breaking down the skin and tombstone. This is one of the many reasons why having a professional do your extractions is critical to clearing up your acne.

Acne-prone skin is different from normal skin in that the pore sheds up to five layers of dead skin cells inside the pore per day, instead of the usual one or two. This forms blackheads and congestion underneath the skin. And if bacteria are present, they will feed on the dead skin cells and oil build up, which results in pimples or pustules on the surface of your skin.

The Skintherapy method of dealing with acne is proficient because not only do we help clean and clear the skin, but we do so from the inside out using extractions and home regimen products. There are some forms of acne that simply will not come out of your pores without extractions. Some stuff is buried too deep in the pore to come up on its own. We skillfully combine products and extraction methods to make sure everything is cleaned out from the bottom of the pore to the top.

From our experience, this the healthiest, most efficient way to deal with acne. We want your skin fresh and clean. The best way to accomplish that is to start inside the pore and work your way out. Acne can be difficult to deal with but our tried and true methods have worked for many and we are sure they will work for you.

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