What Parents Should Know About Teen Acne

Talking to your teen about their acne
Acne is a touchy subject to address. It can be very personal, embarrassing and even isolating for some people. Take a teenager who suffers from acne and put in the mix the pressure to fit in, date and attend social activities and you have a disaster waiting to happen.  Yes, more acne from the stress but also a teenager who may be calling out for help!!

Studies have shown that people who suffer from acne are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, social isolation, mood changes and even have a loss of interest in hobbies and activities due to their acne.  Therefore, as a parent, helping your teenager find a way to control their acne will help keep your teens self-esteem intact through these tough years. There are also changes you can make around the home to help your teenager stay clear. As a skin and acne specialist this is what I suggest.
-Replace your peanut butter jar with almond butter.
-Replace the milk jug with almond milk.
-Buy Goat Cheese and clean out the other types of cheese.
-Buy iodide-free vitamins
-Stop giving your teen money for fast food.  Instead fix them a healthy lunch or dinner that is
low in salt and high in healthy proteins and greens.
-Find them an Acne Specialist that will work one on one with them to get their skin clear.

Acne can be controlled without medication or harmful prescriptions so visiting your local dermatologist is NOT the only answer!  Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah can help.  We can also provide referrals for out-of-state clinics who provide the same Acne treatments and solutions.

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