What Actually Helps Acne Scars

Acne by itself can cause strife but the after-effects can be just as damaging and far more long-lasting. Acne scarring usually happens when you pick at your skin. This is particularly bad for middle or high schoolers who simply don’t know or can’t help going after their pimples and blackheads. Of course, the best remedy for acne scarring is prevention--as in, resist picking entirely. But if it’s too late, fret not, there are some things you can do that actually help minimize and reduce scarring as time goes on.

1. Know what works better for your skin, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Mandelic Acid or Glycolic Acid.

These products help rejuvenate the skin. They will not only help keep your skin clear of acne but they will also help reduce dark spots and scars. The reason it is important to know which one will work best for you (or even if you should use both at the same time) is because they can be drying. One or the other will work better for you in the long run and it’s important to know which works better for your skin.

2. Sunscreen

Protection from the sun is vital for helping your scars, redness, and discoloration not get worse. Lots of sun is never really good for your skin, but particularly bad without some sort of sunscreen that is noncomedogenic. This one works great and is long lasting.

3. Eating less refined sugar and fast food, including booze and dairy

Bad food reacts poorly with your skin. Think of it like having diabetes; refined sugar, highly saturated fats, and booze increase your glucose and make your body work extra hard. It ends up showing on your skin. When it comes to dairy, those added hormones just don’t mix well with human ones. The best thing you can do is avoid these triggers which will help keep acne at bay which in turn helps reduce discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

4. Peels and light therapy

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, peels and light therapy are your acne’s best friend. Chemical peels help even and smooth the skin and allow products to penetrate more deeply, which deters acne and reduces scarring and inflammation. These are the most noninvasive yet effective method for smoothing your acne irritated skin.

5. Here’s the truth:

If you have ice pick scars and indentations, those will take a long time to heal and almost no amount of topical products will get rid of them completely. Indented scarring generally calls for lasers or microneedling. For acne scarring that is red or brown in color you will need to invest in chemical peels with a licensed esthetician to help with those. Discoloration and mild surface scarring can be aided with a good skincare regimen as well and commitment. But as with all good things, they take time.
The most important thing to remember is that your skin feels worse to you than it actually looks. Most people don’t even notice scars, especially if your acne is under control already.
You are beautiful. And the key to dealing with scars is self-confidence. Just because you have acne or scarring doesn’t make you any less valuable as a human being and the people who mind it don’t have any control over how you deal with it. Your choice is to be the best you can be, acne scarring or not.
The beautiful thing is, we can help you on this journey so you’re not dealing with it alone. Whether it be discoloration, scarring, hyperpigmentation, acne, or dark spots, we’re here for you and we’ve helped countless others in the process of clearing them. Our deep understanding will help you through it. We know how hard it is and if you’re reading this, you can choose a tried and true method of progress. For more, check out our Results Page.

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