Top Reasons for Acne Scarring

Scarring from acne is an extremely unfortunate side effect when you are acne prone.  Not many of us are fans of scars, especially on our faces, but the good news is… scarring from acne can be avoided and or minimized in some cases with these top reasons for acne scarring.

1. If you have inflamed acne & are not treating it properly, your acne will most likely breakdown the pore and cause scarring. This will be indented scarring, like boxcar scars, rolling & pitted scars. It is important to treat inflamed acne with the correct product and safe extractions in order to avoid damage to your pores. The sooner the better I say, and seek out an acne expert.

2. Picking, self extracting, scratching & using your own instruments to extract can cause serious damage to your skin. It is important to deal with extractions in the safest way possible to avoid indented scarring as well as pigmented red & brown scars. Do not pick at your skin and see an acne specialist for the safe & most beneficial extractions.
3. Sun exposure can be a huge cause of scarring from acne. Acne lesions produce extra melanin when exposed to the sun as a protective response. This turns active acne and red spots brown. So, keep your sun exposure to a minimum. See # 4 for more information.

4. Acne scars can form if you do not wear sunscreen. Individuals who suffer with acne should always wear a sunscreen. Sunscreen is used to protect skin from UV damage even during times when the weather is overcast or while driving in a vehicle.  UV damage can cause pigmented scarring, but sunscreen will help! Make sure to lather up before you head out.

5. Over exfoliation is another cause of acne scarring. Over using active ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid etc., can burn the skin and cause dark colored scarring on acne. This is not to say don't use these ingredients but rather find a professional that can help you balance the right active ingredients to control your acne while avoid burning  and scarring your skin.

6. Chemical Peels, if done incorrectly, can cause scarring. At home chemical peeling or professional chemical peels which are not formulated for your skin color can produce dark scarring on acne. Again, this is why it's a good idea to work with an acne professional.

Now that you have a better idea on what can cause scarring from acne, you can also identify with the importance of working with a professional to clear your acne while minimizing scars. There are a lot of aspects to clearing acne and working with an acne expert will ensure the safest and most successful clearing process.

If you are in Utah and suffer from acne or scarring from acne, give us a call at the Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic in Salt Lake City to start treating your acne today! We can ensure a safe and effective way to clear your skin and manage scarring.

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