The Ups and Downs of Cystic Acne & How to Ultimately Clear Your Skin

If you suffer from cystic acne you're facing a few upsides and a few downsides. Cystic acne is the least common type of acne, so if you are getting inflammed breakouts, your biggest downside is that you are that 1 in 1,000 statistic that has to deal with more noticeable cysts and quite a bit more pain. Although these types of breakouts are more uncommon than others, they are actually the easiest/quickest type of acne to clear - so your biggest upside is that you will be clear and it will happen sooner for you than it happens for most others.

If you are a woman, the downside to cystic acne is that you will see the worst of it on a monthly basis - according to your menstrual cycle. If you are a man, the biggest downside is that you are generally more likely to suffer from cystic acne rather than non-cystic. Again though, the biggest upside in all of this, for anybody, is that cystic acne is ultimately easier to clear than any other type of acne.

If cystic acne is the easiest type of acne

to clear, do I still need help from a professional?

While cystic acne is easier to clear, it is also the most sensitive clearing process. This is why you need professional help. If you suffer from cystic acne and you do not treat your skin correctly during the clearing process, you could end up with pitted or indented scars. These pitted scars are extremely hard & expensive to treat after you have achieved clear skin.

You will cause yourself pitted or indented scars if you pick at your blemishes or cause more stress to your already inflamed skin. While not picking your skin is up to you, we can help you use the most beneficial products to clear your skin without putting stress on your inflammation. At Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic of Salt Lake City, we can ensure that you use the best anti-inflammatory products in the safest and most effective way. We use the most effective ingredients for cystic acne and put you on a guided regimen of mandelic acid, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. We also use sulfur in some cases to help bring down inflammation and redness.

Is there anything that I can do

to help my Cystic Acne on my own?

We highly suggest icing for cystic acne, this will help with inflammation tremendously. We also suggest minimizing your dairy and cheese intake if you are trying to clear any type of acne at all, but especially if your acne is inflamed. Overall, there are many lifestyle changes that can help with cystic acne and we will go over them with you on your first visit to the clinic!

By working with an acne specialist, you are ensuring a safe way to clear your cystic acne with the least probability of scarring - we can promise you that. If you work on clearing your skin on your own - you will have no resources to help keep your skin clear and scar free.

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