The Impact of Junk Food on Acne Risks

impact junk food acne risks

There are a number of factors that may impact the presence of acne on the face, whether for high-risk teens or people in other age groups. One major area here is the foods and drinks we consume, which can play a big role in several areas of bodily health and appearance, including the potential for acne.

At Skintherapy, our acne services include a full consultation that will cover several areas, including how the foods and drinks you consume might be impacting your acne and skin care. One particular buzzword in this area is “junk food” – what exactly do we mean when we use this term, and what are some examples of junk foods that are particularly harmful for acne sufferers?

Defining “Junk Food”

When we speak about junk food within the realm of acne and skin care, or really in any format, we’re talking about food that has a lot of calories and often tastes very good – but is badly lacking in positive nutritional value. This might take several different forms, from packaged food to fast food and many other types. It all essentially comes down to the way the food was made and the ingredients used in it. In many ways, we’re really just saying “unhealthy” food when we use the junk food term.

Junk Food and Acne

Research has shown numerous times throughout the years that junk food can have a direct impact on the skin, and particularly people who suffer from acne. The primary reason for this: It tends to contain high quantities of the exact elements that promote acne.

One such element is oil, which is known to settle on the skin and block the pores when it’s overly present in the body. Junk food also tends to contain high degrees of sugar and salt, which create inflammatory reactions in the body – acne is one such reaction. Every time you consume junk food, you’re stressing your body’s ability to filter these ingredients out and stay balanced from a skin care perspective.

Specific Examples

There are many foods and beverages that may fall under the junk food classification to some degree, but there are a few we’ll identify here in particular:

  • Soft drinks: Soft drinks are often directly connected to acne, with huge amounts of sugar that aggravate it.
  • Chocolates: Another that’s very high in sugar and often salt.
  • Greasy foods: Things like pizza, French fries and other fast foods heavy on grease are particularly risky for teenage acne sufferers.

What’s one common characteristic of all these foods? They’re bad for both your overall health and your acne risks. With this in mind, a general reduction of these foods is good for multiple reasons.

To learn more about how junk food impacts your acne and skin care efforts, or for information on any of our acne products or services, speak to the staff at Skintherapy today.

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