The Basics of Makeup and Acne

Picking the right makeup for your acne

Acne and Makeup 101

One of the most common mistakes that many female acne sufferers make is using the wrong makeup. Since makeup is an everyday occurrence for most women it is extremely important to have certain knowledge on the makeup you use while trying to keep your skin clear.

Makeup can be tricky for acne prone skin, so one of the most beneficial things I do as an acne specialist is provide education to my clients about makeup and brands that can irritate the acne prone. Each client who wishes to continue wearing makeup is given ample knowledge on pore clogging ingredients that can be regularly found in foundation, blush, bronzers, bbcreams, veils etc. I also make it a point to have clients check their shampoo and styling products when they work with me at the Skintherapy Acne Clinic.

The Basics

Most Makeup that is on the market today contain pore clogging ingredients. This is especially true in liquid foundations and compacted powders. Some common pore cloggers in makeup include seawhip, algae extract, wheat germ oil, carrageenans, red algae and many different types of waxes. If you see these, or any other pore clogging ingredients (see full list at included on the back of your makeup bottle, run in the other direction. As someone who suffers from acne, it is important to keep your makeup clean, simple, and free of ingredients that will clog your pores.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is very popular in the cosmetic world and can be safe for acne prone skin, but not all mineral makeup is created equal. Skintherapy Acne Clinic suggests using loose powder mineral foundation if you are acne-prone. Let's take for instance Bare Minerals Original Foundation (the loose powder) it doesn't contain any pore cloggers. However, Bare Minerals pressed, matte and liquid mineral makeup contain pore clogging ingredients. This is also true for most other mineral makeup brands on the market today. The only way to know that your makeup is safe, is to check the ingredients! That's right, check the back of every container of makeup before you start using it. Makeup companies often change ingredients in their products and the only way to know is to check every separate foundation, blush, bronzers etc. - every single time you purchase.

In fact as a side note, Bare Minerals just started adding bismuth to their Original Formula Foundation. While this is not considered to be a pore clogging ingredient, it can cause a bumpy, red rash on some folks skin. If you find that your skin reacts harshly to bismuth, it would be smart to keep an eye out before purchasing your next pot of Bare Minerals.

For more information on acne, pore clogging ingredients and how to get clear skin see SkintherapySkincare and Acne Clinic in Salt Lake City. We can help!

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