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Some of the most frequently asked questions I get are related to the dark spots or sun spots people find on their face and hands—What are they? Will they turn into liver spots like on my grandmother’s hands? More importantly, how can I get rid of spots on skin?


The sun spots on your hands and face are probably from over exposure to the sun where melanin, our body’s own natural sunscreen, rushed to the surface of your skin to protect you from harmful UV rays.

The lighter your skin, the more likely you are to produce sun spots and suffer sun damage. Such sun damage can lead to dark spots, freckles, pigment which in turn can lead to skin cancer. Sun damage can occur in African-Americans just as it does with other skin types. Even though African-Americans have more melanin in their skin, it doesn’t protect the skin completely from the sun’s damaging rays nor from skin cancer. Dark spots and blotchy skin tone can be found on African-American skin also.


Sun Spot Removal—Can I get rid of sun spots?

The answer is yes.

Sun spot removal treatments do exist and can be very helpful For people with light skin and spots on skin, I recommend a combination of chemical peels, IPL and topical lighteners for sun spot removal, as well as the daily use of sunscreen. People with darker skin tones, I recommend chemical peeling and topical lighteners in their skincare. It’s important to note here that darker skin tones generally take longer to respond and may take more treatments than someone with a lighter skin tone.

Skintherapy can help remove your sunspots.

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