Spa Facials. Do They Help or Harm Acne?

It’s not hard to find horror stories online showing the results of a bad facial. This post is not to scare you, but to let you in on what to look for in an esthetician and common risks that come with getting spa facials.
Good skin is most importantly about having a solid routine, not about the occasional facial. Typically, a spa will recommend getting facials every week or once a month. There is really no clear-cut answer to their benefit. For some less acne-prone people this may work and be an enjoyable experience. For others it can become a detriment.
Many spas use essential oils and scented lotions which can be bad news for acne. Though they are meant for relaxation, products such as these will be massaged deep into the skin. This in and of itself can cause irritation as well as increase susceptibility to breakouts. You can’t always be sure that the products they are using will not include some sort of pore-clogging ingredients.
Spa facials are more about pampering than fixing skin issues. It can be hard to tell what products they will be using, which makes finding an acne safe facial all the more problematic, especially is your skin is sensitive and reactive.
We wouldn’t recommend going to a spa for skin related issues such as acne. Although if you do, it is always a good idea to talk to your esthetician beforehand about what your skincare routine is. Don’t be afraid to ask an esthetician what their experience is in dealing with acne.
No matter what, you won’t get clear skin by getting just one facial, which is likely to do more harm than good. The only sure-fire way to help acne is by getting an experienced esthetician who specializes in acne. The products that you use every day will determine how clear your skin will be. With any skincare routine, the key is consistency and quality of the products.
Although facials can be relaxing, they are not a necessity to get acne under control. In fact, they aren’t even the best way to get acne under control.
The best option for getting acne under control is to find the right esthetician. Then the next step is getting the right skincare products that moisturize while simultaneously combating acne. This can seem like no easy feat, as you’ve surely tried many different methods for dealing with your acne.
Look for an esthetician who really understand acne and has the tools to help yours improve. Improving acne is not an immediate process. It helps to have someone in your corner who really knows what to look for and what to recommend.
Healing acne is about the right routine at the right time with the right products. Improving your skin is a daily process. While practicing good skincare takes time, it does not have to be exasperating. Use a trusted professional’s experience and guidance to help you find a method that works in the long term with as few risks as possible so you and your skin can be happy and healthy.

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