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Just as important as using skin care products daily is the quality and type of products your using.  First off, the type of active ingredients, the percentage or concentration of those ingredients, and even the inactive ingredients can make your skin care preparations more or less effective.  So, taking this into consideration let's talk about over the counter skincare products (OTC) vs. professional products.

When I mention OTC skincare, I'm talking about products you can buy at the grocery store, drug store, Nordstrom, Sephora, and mail order products like "Proactiv®. "  Products sold through these channels are  "Mass Market" products. Anyone can buy them. No need for caution because the percentage of active ingredients in the products have a high PH.  Making them less effective but also safe for everyone. These OTC products also contain more inactive ingredients like water, alcohol, fatty acids etc., unlike professional products. Without the right combination of actives and PH, consumers get a mediocre product that generally doesn't live up to it's marketing hype.

Professional skincare products are formulated differently and can only be purchased through a skincare professional like an esthetican or doctor.  Professional products are controlled not mass marketed and only sold through trained individuals.  These products will contain more active ingredients, a lower PH and less inactive ingredients .By purchasing professional products  through an esthetican  or doctor you can be sure your getting the right product for your skincare concerns but also paying for the highest quality skincare that will deliver the greatest benefit to you the consumer.

Whether your looking for cleansers, anti-aging products, hydrators or acne skincare, working with a professional will definitely pay off and allow you to find the most effective skincare products for your goals.

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