Skin care and Treating Acne

Skin care can be just as important as the treatment(s) you use to clear your acne. In fact with the proper in clinic treatments and skin care regimen acne can be controlled successfully without the use of prescriptions.

Here are some guidelines for picking the best acne skin care products;
1) Always use a cleanser in the morning and at night when treating your acne.
2) Oily skin does best with a benzoyl peroxide type cleaner. Dry skin does best with a gentle cleanser.
3) If your acne is comprised of blackheads, whiteheads and your skin has a rough texture.  A scrub cleanser is best. This is non-inflamed acne
4) If your acne is painful, inflamed with pustules  a scrub should be avoided. This is inflamed acne.
5) A product for killing bacteria and light exfoliation can be used during the day.  I would suggest a serum comprised of mandelic acid, salicylic acid ,glycolic acid or Vitamin A proponent  depending on the type of skin you have and whether or not your acne is inflamed or non inflamed.
6) Always use a sunscreen during the day.  This will provide hydration and protect your skin from developing dark spots and pigmentation.  A sunscreen that is just a physical block like titanium dioxide is best for oily skin.  Dry non sensitive skin does better with a physical and chemical block type sunscreen.
7) Night time is the perfect time to use a leave on benzoyl peroxide.  However, make sure that you give your skin enough time to get use to the BPO.  Use for 15 minute increments and increase every three to four nights.  In about two weeks you should be sleeping in the Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO)
8) Always check the ingredients deck of any product you use on your face when treating your acne.  That means cleansers, moisturizers, treatment serums, benzoyl peroxide's and sunscreens to make sure they do not contain pore cloggers.  You cannot just assume they are safe for acne. Many products state they are oil free, non pore clogging or for acne.  No government agency regulates this industry. Therefore lots of words are used as marketing hype.

Skintherapy Acne Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah offers products and acne treatments unlike what you find at a dermatologist office.  We provide education and skin care acne products that are safe and not pore clogging.

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