Pros & Cons of DIY Acne Treatment

Pros & Cons of DIY Acne Treatment

When you suffer from acne, you go through much more than breakouts on your skin. This condition can devastate your self-esteem and make you sit home alone, afraid to show your face to the world.

Seeing a dermatologist can, unfortunately, be very expensive. And, for those people who don’t have health insurance – or insurance that covers specialized treatments – seeking help for getting their skin clear can seem cost prohibitive.

What about acne treatments you can do at home, by yourself? Can you truly treat your acne without seeing a doctor? Let’s explore the benefits and risks of the DIY treatment approach for acne.

What Type of DIY Acne Treatments Are Available?

If you ever watch television, you see commercials for all kinds of creams, gels and “systems.” These products range from a few dollars at the drug store to monthly subscriptions that cost hundreds of dollars every few weeks.

Do a quick internet search and you will find literally thousands of “home remedy” type treatments. These range from the simple (rinsing your face with apple cider vinegar) to the ridiculous (making a face treatment paste from barbeque charcoal briquettes). You could spend months trying these folk remedies, home acne treatment systems, creams and pastes with nothing to show for it but a bigger problem and a smaller wallet.

You might get lucky now and then and discover something that eases your symptoms for a time. But, inevitably, the problem will come back.

The Trouble with Treating Acne at Home

The most important fact to remember about this skin condition is that one size does not fit all. Although the underlying mechanism for what causes breakouts is the same, the reason this condition exists varies significantly from person to person.

Until you identify the root cause of the problem, you can only treat acne symptoms. And, unless you have the education and experience to identify the issue, that is simply not possible for you to achieve at home.

An Alternative to DIY Acne Treatment or Seeing a Dermatologist

Treating your skin condition at home is hopeless without the guidance of a professional. But, as we know, seeing a doctor is expensive and time-consuming. Worse, dermatologists often prescribe harsh medications that pose the risk of side effects and interactions.

Consider seeking help from an esthetician who specializes in the treatment of acne. Rather than going immediately to expensive, risky medications, an esthetician will take the time educate you about acne and identify the real problems that are causing your breakouts. Armed with that knowledge, they can recommend a comprehensive treatment routine that attacks the problem at the source.

In Salt Lake City, the Skintherapy acne treatment clinic offers a better option for getting your skin clear and keeping it that way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about why we are the perfect alternative to treating your acne at home.

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