In Salt Lake City, microdermabrasion treatments from Skintherapy is a highly effective and virtually painless way to restore and rejuvenate your skin.

Every year, estheticians around the country perform this procedure on hundreds of thousands of people. Because microdermabrasion is safe and effective – and requires no recovery period or downtime – it is one of the most in-demand skin treatments available today.

Even better, this treatment is completely painless and surprisingly affordable. At Skintherapy, we perform this treatment for a variety of reasons, including for the reduction of acne scars and to help skin look and feel younger.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

You can think of microdermabrasion as a highly effective form of exfoliation.

To perform this procedure, an esthetician guides a small wand to direct a fine stream of microcrystals over the skin, directing it carefully to hit all the targeted areas and achieve optimal results. Light vacuum suction is then used to remove dead skin cells from the facial surface.

The result is the sloughing off of the outer layers of dead skin cells. These dead cells can clog your pores and leave you with dull, lifeless skin. Once removed, your skin will be smooth and vibrant with renewed tone and texture.

Microdermabrasion only takes about 15 to 20 minutes. It causes no discomfort, so you won’t need any anesthesia or preparation. Afterward, apply a little moisturizer and sunscreen and you can head back to work or get on with your day. Your skin may appear slightly pink for a brief time, but that will fade quickly.

Who Should Consider Microdermabrasion?

In addition to sloughing off the outer layers of dead skin, this procedure also stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen, meaning you will continue to see an improvement in your skin in the coming weeks and months. You’ll notice an improvement in any sagging skin and this procedure can even discourage the formation of new wrinkles.

Talk to one of our estheticians to see if microdermabrasion is a good solution for your acne scars, fine lines or wrinkles. It is also an ideal way to treat age spots, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, sun damage, uneven skin tone or a dull complexion. This procedure also helps your skin absorb your skincare products more effectively and enhances blood circulation in the deepest layers of the skin. The bottom line is that microdermabrasion is ideal if you simply want to combat the look and feel of aging skin.

If you currently have acne, talk with our estheticians about a personalized treatment regimen to clear up your face first, before having microdermabrasion.

Salt Lake City Microdermabrasion Treatment

In Salt Lake City, Skintherapy Acne Clinic offers microdermabrasion under the guidance of our founder, Master Esthetician Jil Goorman.

Although this procedure is not right for everyone, our expert team can evaluate your skin and recommend the most effective types of treatment to address your concerns and achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment for microdermabrasion.







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