Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels to Supplement Acne Care

microdermabrasion chemical peels acne care

At Skintherapy, we take a comprehensive approach to your acne treatment and skin care. Through a combination of various products tailored to your needs plus our LED Light Therapy Treatment, we’ll help you with a full consultation and subsequent appointments that will establish a strong skincare routine and work to clear your skin of any acne concerns.

There are several specific services out there in the realm of skin and acne care, and in some cases these may help supplement parts of our treatment. Two such treatments are microdermabrasion and chemical peels, both of which can have fantastic benefits for several areas of skin care. But it’s also important to understand that these services should not be used as full-on substitutes for an acne control program, but rather as complementary pieces. Let’s look at the simple steps we recommend for acne control, plus how these services might fit into the picture for you.

Basic Steps to Acne Control

When it comes down to it, acne control is really about three primary factors:

  • Limiting the oil quantity present in pores
  • Limiting the bacteria present in pores
  • Keeping pores generally clean and clear of blockages or dirt, which can also include dead skin cells

Some skin is naturally more oily than other skin, and those in this position have to work to control this. Others may deal with pores that are larger than usual, or may be more prone to buildups of dirt or dead skin. Now let’s look at how these additional skincare services play into this picture.


Microdermabrasion is a procedure used to help renew and replenish skin texture and tone. It’s often used on things like wrinkles, lines, sun damage and related skin damage areas, with an abrasive surface applicator that sands away outer layers of skin, helping new skin grow in. It’s great for many skin types (virtually all but hypersensitive skin), and is also used in many cases by those looking to limit the signs of aging on the skin.

When it comes to acne, microdermabrasion is not a standalone treatment. It does not directly help clear the pore of oil, bacteria or other buildups. It can, however, help with clearing away acne scars and improving the appearance of the face after acne has already been controlled using our products and homecare program. It should never be performed on acne before this point, as it actually risks spreading harmful bacteria to other areas of the face and touching off breakouts in other areas.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel involves applying a specific chemical solution to the skin, one that uses acid to help exfoliate the skin. There are a wide range of chemical peels available, including some that are good for oily and high-acne risk skin.

Like microdermabrasion treatments, though, chemical peels are not meant as standalone acne treatments. They can help clear out dead skin elements that may be contributing to pore blockages, but they will not address the full scope of acne causes. They’re also often used for post-acne care treatment for limiting redness, scarring and hyperpigmentation issues.

For more on how microdermabrasion and chemical peels are less primary acne treatments and more supplementary, or to learn about any of our skin or acne care services, speak to the staff at Skintherapy today.

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