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If you search the internet you will find a multitude of  information on how to successfully treat acne. Usually the information is coupled with a sales strategy from some skincare brand trying to get you to purchase their products. The information, promises and pictures look amazing. You decide to  purchase the product and pray that this skincare plan will successfully treat your acne once and for all!

Does the story above sound familiar? If you have acne and are feeling desperate this story may have repeated itself multiple times for you over the years.  You buy a product,  after two weeks to a month it's not working and so you move onto another product or regimen.  You might even decide to try something your friend, co-worker or some famous actress has tried.  Let me stop you right here though and explain to you WHY these skincare regimens haven't been successful.

1. There are three types of acne. Depending on what type of acne you have, depends on what products will work best for you.  So ask yourself this.... when you purchase a product over the internet, at the local drug store or even Nordstrom has your acne type been taken into consideration???

2. Products have to address three main concerns. The products you use for your acne need to do these three things.
a. Keep the pore from clogging
b. Kill bacteria
c. Control Oil

3. Products have to be strong. That is "strong" enough to produce an improvement in your skin, while still being used in the right manner so that you don't dry your skin out within the first week and drop off the wagon.

4. Products need to be changed up slightly about every two weeks. This is very, very important and a definite MUST when clearing acne.  As your acne is treated it will become accustom to your products and therefore will need to be continually changed up.  This allows the skin to be pushed and get clear.

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