Get Rid of Body Acne

Body acne can be embarrassing and painful to endure.  If you have body acne your not alone. About 1/3 for people who struggle with facial acne also have body acne on their chest and back according to

Treat Body Acne

The most common way people seek treatment for their body acne is through a  Dermatologists.  The Dermatologists will usually prescribe two prescription topicals and one oral medication.  The topicals may be something like Retin A or Duac. Orals like Doxycycline, Minocin or Spironalactone. These solutions tend to be very drying, and misused.  Not to mention the health risks and dangerous side effects connected to these drugs. However, there is a more practical, effective way to treat and control body acne as well as facial acne.

Skintherapy Acne Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah can assist you in getting on an effective home care regimen and introduce personalized treatments that will deep clean your skin, kill bacteria and effectively put you on the road to finally having clear skin. Give us a call!

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