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Hormones play a rather crucial part in most of my women client’s acne. In fact, more than 60% of acne-prone women will suffer with acne breakouts while going through hormonal changes. This includes events such as monthly periods, birth control changes, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause.

The majority of a women’s life is subject to many hormonal changes. Unlike men, who go through one huge hormonal change during puberty, we experience hormonal changes during pregnancies, breastfeeding, menopause and more. Women can actually suffer from hormonal imbalances on a monthly basis due to periods. Women have about one-tenth the androgens (“male” hormones including testosterone and DHEA-S) men have, but these androgens can contribute to acne for some women. Why? Because estrogen levels drop around two weeks after menstruation, testosterone and androgens stimulate the oil glands. This causes oil production to increase, making an acne flare-up much more likely.

The good news , female hormonal acne can be controlled. The majority of my clients who previously suffered with monthly breakouts find that by using the right products and working with an acne specialist, like myself we can control those monthly breakouts from happening.

On the other end of the spectrum if you are a women trying to conceive, are currently pregnant, or are breastfeeding, Skintherapy Acne Clinic can work with your current situation and help minimize your hormonal acne. We utilize safe acne treatments and the right products during your journey and we will work with your doctor to get their stamp of approval. Hormonal acne can be extremely frustrating, but it can be treated and controlled so that you can keep hormonal acne and flare-ups at bay during your child bearing years.

To learn more about how to treat hormonal acne, contact Skintherapy Acne Clinic in Salt Lake City.   Or for more information visit UtahAcneClinic.com

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