Does Sweating Cause Acne?

Most physical activity will cause sweating.  Although sweating doesn't cause acne it can definitely accelerate the growth of more bacteria and pimples if not handled correctly.  Here are five tips we suggest you follow to help keep breakouts in check;
  1. Wipe off immediately after physical activity.  Use facial wipes or toner pads to remove the sweat on your face, neck and behind the ears.
    We suggest keeping these  items in your gym bag or car for quick accessibility.
  2. Shower off body sweat.  Of course if a shower isn't available wiping down your body with toner pads is the next best thing.
  3. Wash your gym supplies after every use.  Make sure you are washing your gym towel, yoga mats and gloves after each use.
    Also, wipe your machine with a sanitary wipe before and after your workout.
  4. Don't touch or pick at your face or body especially if your working out at a gym. You're most likely touching weights, dumbbells, machines that aren't sanitized at the gym.
    Keeping your hands off your face or any active acne will help avoid introducing staph bacteria into your skin.
  5. Wear breathable clothing. If you like to wear tight-fitting clothing while working out, you might run into the issue of your sweat causing skin irritation under the arms, groin, chest and back. Try to avoid staying in sweaty clothing after your workouts, Shower thoroughly.
If you would like more help controlling your acne Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic in Utah can help get your clear.  Schedule an appointment today 801-800-6602

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