Common Acne Care Mistakes to Avoid

acne care mistakes avoid

At Skintherapy, it’s a point of pride for us to provide comprehensive, tailored skincare for acne and acne scarring. From a variety of treatments to expertise across a wide world of acne products, even including specialty areas like acne-safe makeup, our estheticians are here to help minimize the appearance and impact of acne all over the body.

Unsurprisingly, our years of experience in acne treatment have also exposed us to a number of common mistakes made by those who suffer from this frustrating condition. While we completely understand the reasoning behind some of these errors, they should still be corrected and avoided to ensure the best possible acne care. Here are some areas to ensure you’re not taking the wrong action in.

Picking and Popping

Probably the single most common mistake acne patients make is picking at and popping their pimples. While you may think you’re ridding yourself of that pimple for good, all you’re really doing is pushing the bacteria, pus, oil and debris that’s present in the acne bump back out onto your skin – where it can cause all sorts of damage and will make further breakouts nearby all the more likely.
While it can be difficult to maintain discipline here, it’s vital to do so. Just let the breakout do its thing, and focus on the proper healing and product usage.

Makeup and Clogged Pores

Speaking of products, makeup is among the products that often cause and exacerbate acne. Many forms of makeup are made with high levels of oil or other ingredients that clog the pores, making acne far more likely. Instead, opt for gentle mineral options, or those that have no oil and are non-comedogenic.

Harsh Treatment Products

It’s not only makeup that can be an issue when it comes to product usage – the treatment products you use have to be selected and applied properly as well, otherwise they can exacerbate the problems. Many acne patients automatically reach for the product that has the highest quantity of active ingredient in it, assuming more is always better, but too much active ingredient can actually irritate the skin and prevent proper healing in some cases. Consult with your skin care professional about which products are best for you.

Major Dietary Changes

Diet can have a real impact on your acne and breakout likelihood, but some people take this to meant that a drastic change in diet will make their acne go away. Simply put, this is unlikely – following a healthy diet can absolutely impact both acne treatment and overall health over time, but drastic changes can be unhealthy and won’t have as much effect as simply following a consistent routine.

Improper Expectations

Finally, while it’s not a care mistake per se, a major stress factor within acne treatment is unrealistic expectations. The skin takes time to rejuvenate and heal, and for those with particularly stubborn skin, fine-tuning the right acne and scar treatments can be an ongoing process. While we know this can be frustrating at times, keeping realistic expectations will help you lower your stress levels and keep the entire process simpler.

For more on mistakes to avoid when treating acne, or to learn about any of our acne treatment service, speak to the staff at Skintherapy Skincare & Acne Clinic today.

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