Clearing Acne and Pregnancy

Acne can happen at any time during a person’s lifetime but what about those who already have acne and then become pregnant? To add to the discomfort of sometimes painful blemishes, you now have morning sickness, swollen feet, and additional hormones streaming through your system.
For most pregnant women, the hormonal shifts during pregnancy can be less than comfortable. Not only is your body changing on the outside, but on the inside as well. Hormones like progesterone and androgens increase exponentially during pregnancy. For those with acne, this can make it even worse. This is because androgens increase sebum production, which in turn clogs up the pores and causes more breakouts and increases their severity.
Pregnancy acne usually starts around the 6 week and lasts through the first and second trimester but for those who started out with acne already, pregnancy usually doesn’t result in the “glowing skin” that some women talk about. Acne, blotchiness, and facial swelling are all pretty typical outcomes of pregnancy. The question is, what can you do to get and maintain clear skin while pregnant?
The main acne treatment to avoid during pregnancy is Accutane. Accutane can be a very powerful medication to treat acne, but for anyone who is pregnant or is trying to become pregnant, it can cause severe birth defects and health issues for the baby. It is strongly advised not to use products containing large amounts of Vitamin A, including Accutane, retinols, salicylic acid and most chemical peels.
While many acne products are not good to use during pregnancy, there’s still hope.
Most acne medications are too intense for those who are with child or planning to start a family but there are options for topical products that can safely help keep breakouts at bay, even while pregnant.
Even if you don’t have acne but are planning on becoming pregnant, pregnancy acne is a real thing that you should be aware of. Another thing that most people don’t consider when pregnant, is how to manage acne while nursing your baby, when hormone levels can still be out of whack and cause breakouts.
What will help most during this time is an acne program that can work with any changes in your life, including one of the biggest changes one can experience in your lifetime: pregnancy. Your health and safety are your number one concern as well as ours.
At Skintherapy, we have a dedicated team of acne experts who can help customize a skincare routine to help you navigate your skin during this important time in your life. Pregnancy may be uncomfortable in many ways but acne doesn’t have to be one of them.
Not only do we have acne safe products, we also have pregnancy safe products. We can help you build a routine that will keep your skin and your baby safe during pregnancy. We will also work with your doctor to get his or her approval on our approach. If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, consider giving Skintherapy a call at 801-800-6602 to help you find the right program and products that work for your skin. If you’d like to book your appointment online, you can click this link here. And to find more information about acne and our program, click here.

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