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Body acne can be as embarrassing and frustrating as having acne on your face.  The summer time can be especially challenging for those who suffer from body acne since swimsuits and tank tops become the norm during the hot summer months.  Fortunately, body acne can be controlled with the right skincare regimen and some dedication. But plan ahead-starting treatment well before you have to put on that bathing suit is my suggestion.

Body acne can be mild, moderate or severe. Knowing the characteristics  of inflamed body acne verses non-inflamed body acne will help in selecting the correct acne treatment and products for your skin.

Characteristics of Inflamed Body Acne:
Redness, hot/warm to the touch, more pimples, pustules and inflamed zits.  Less blackheads. Generally sensitive and reacts easily to products.

Wash with antibacterial cleanser with benzoyl peroxide a.m/p.m- No scrub
Anti-fungal/ exfoliating day serum
Non pore clogging sunscreen
Leave on benzoyl peroxide for night time- 10%

Characteristics of Non Inflamed Body Acne:
Dull and sluggish appearance, blackheads/whiteheads more predominant than inflamed zits.
Tissue congestion, skin is generally not sensitive or reactive to products.

Wash with scrub type cleanser a.m/p.m.
Exfoliating day serum with glycolic acid
Non pore clogging sunscreen
Leave on benzoyl peroxide for night time-10%

When treating body acne being consistent with homecare is very important. In clinic visits are also important while you are trying to clear up your acne. In clinic visits should consist of extracting, disinfecting and exfoliating the surface. This speeds up the process of getting clear and  will lighten old acne scarring from previous breakouts.

Give yourself a good three to four months to get your body acne totally under control. And remember, Acne is a disease that can be controlled but not cured!  So stick with your homecare routine once your clear.
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