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When I first started out in 2005 as a Master Esthetican I felt like I needed to be everything for everybody.  What I mean is that I offered pedicures, manicures, body waxing, teeth whitening, and skincare in my business. However, as time went on and as my knowledge grew I recognized that what I really wanted to do was treat acne.  Yes, I had tried to treat acne with numerous product lines during my days working for spas. I had even treated acne  working with doctors. However with all this experience and exposure to different acne products, laser treatments, acids and prescriptions, I never witnessed anyone getting clear skin. What I concluded was that treating acne was super difficult.  One could spend thousands of dollars and trips to the spa, laser clinic or dermatologist and still wind up with acne.  So my independant search began to find a successful solution to control acne. I read books, took classes, and learned specifically about what causes acne.  Then in late 2010  I became an "Acne Expert" or a certified "Acne Specialist" and began incorporating the research and modalities of Dr. James E. Fulton Jr., M.D., Ph.D. into my business.  In the beginning I just took on a couple of "family" acne clients.  Honestly I was still hesitant if  I could get them clear.  Then after three months of incorporating the right products and bi-weekly acne treatments my first client was clear.  No more acne!  I saw this happening consistently with those clients that did my program and followed my advice. So with much excitement and success I added Skintherapy Acne Clinic to my esthetic business in 2011.

Everyday is exciting, especially when I can help that teenager, mom, brother, friend or whomever become clear and control their acne.  I can honestly say that my acne clinic works.  Not just because it's "MY BUSINESS" but because I have helped hundreds of people become clear and stay clear.  Listen I understand peoples' hesitation and doubt --if my acne clinic really works.  The acne sufferers of the world have been sold a bill of goods--try this, do this, buy this.  The internet, department stores, TV etc. are consistently making promises that they just cannot deliver on. There is so much mis-information out in the world about acne and how to get it under makes me frustrated!  To learn more about treating acne in Salt Lake City visit Skintherapy Acne Clinic.

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