Acne Treatments with Antibiotics

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Tetracycline became the first go to antibiotic to treat acne for doctors and dermatologists after it was discovered in the early fifties.

The story goes that a couple of acne cases were treated with tetracycline therapy and slight improvements were witnessed.  The excitement grew from just these few cases and doctors began prescribing antibiotic therapy to ALL their acne patients.  Unfortunately, the doctors and dermatologists became falsely infatuated with this antibiotic. After Tetracycline, other antibiotics followed, both oral and topical forms gained popularity with doctors. However, you see the antibiotic will kill only a small percentage of the bacteria once it filters it's way into the skin.  Even if you had a miracle antibiotic that would kill 100% of the bacteria from acne you still would have only dealt with a fraction of the acne problem.

Controlling acne calls for products that control not only bacteria but also acne products that control oil and keep the pore clear.  To learn more about treating acne and the use of antibiotics for acne treatments in Salt Lake City, Utah click here

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