Acne Surgery and Popping Pimples

While many people queeze a pimple occasionally, there are more extreme cases in which patients pick at their blemishes compulsively and the picking becomes a terrible habit.  I literally have had patients visit me for acne treatments that don’t have a pimple in existence. Instead, they have scabs that can lead to scarring. These patients can actually turn very mild acne into worse acne and create terrible scarring on their skin just by picking.  So the best advice I give to acne suffers is Don't Pick! 

A great alternative to you picking and popping your own pimples is to find an esthetician who will do extractions and professionally clean out your face.  This is also known in the medical world as Acne Surgery.  A professional knows how to extract zits without causing damage to your skin.  A trained professional like an esthetician also knows how to kill surface bacteria during extractions so that your acne doesn't spread.

So if  you suffer from acne and find yourself always in the mirror popping, picking and digging at your skin make a conscious effort to stop.  Remember you could be doing more damage to your skin by picking.  You most likely are spreading bacteria into other pores and potentially causing scarring that may never go away.

Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic in Salt Lake City can professionally clean out your skin and help you control your acne with the right skincare.  We are also happy to refer acne suffers outside of Utah to a local Acne Specialist in your area.

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