A General Guide to Men and Acne:

Adult Male Acne
According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, the median age of people with acne had risen by almost 23% in 1999. Before 1999 the median age of people with acne was 20.5 years old, after the study - the median age went to 26.5 years old. This study was not subject to either men or women, but rather included both genders. While the general public can tend to categorize acne as a young women's problem, it is important to remember that acne can happen to all ages as well as genders.
Suffering from acne can be just as distressing for men as it is for women and male acne is surprisingly common. Between 25% and 40% of adult men have acne.

Let's talk about what men should watch out for if they suffer from acne.

Bodybuilding/Bulking up

Anabolic Steroids and Protein Supplements

Anabolic steroids can absolutely cause acne to flare up. These flare ups can be fast-onset and very hard to treat. We recommend staying away from steroids or supplements. Also watch out for pre-workout/post-workout powders and pre-made drinks. Lots of iodides can be found in these products and they will create more acne. Protein shakes are very popular with men, be advised to stay away from Whey and Soy protein supplements. Hemp and egg white protein supplements are a safe way to go.

Body and Neck Acne

Males experience more incidences, as well as more severe cases of acne on the back, chest, and neck. This is because men grow more hair in these areas and tend to get irritated follicles from shaving, aftershaves and sweating. Make sure to shower immediately after sweating. This will keep the bacteria and dirt from getting into your pores. Shave with a single blade razor and don't use a rotary shaver that rips the hair out of the follicle. Skip the aftershave, it's mainly alcohol anyway and will just dry out the skin.

Sun Protection

Males are generally less sun savvy than females, but sun exposure and sunburns are just as damaging to acne prone skin in males as they are in women. Make sure to keep your skin protected in the sun. The sun can breakdown your pores which are already compromised by acne and this creates more problems; scarring, dark spots and thicker - tougher skin.
If you are a man that suffers from acne, your best bet in achieving clear skin is to work with an acne specialist. We have over four years of experience treating male acne at SkintherapyAcne Clinic in Salt Lake City, we would love to help you.

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