Why You Should Check Ingredients in Your Cosmetics

Acne and Makeup

Keep checking the ingredients in the products you use!

The second most common mistake that female acne sufferers make when trying to achieve clear skin is to ignore the ingredients in beauty products, especially in those products that advertise "acne safety."

How many times have you walked into a store and noticed labels that read ACNE SAFE, FOR ACNE, or WON'T CLOG YOUR PORES? When you suffer from acne, it's pretty exciting to see something that promises to be safe for your skin. Most folks think that products advertised as "ACNE SAFE," should be just that and will only help your skin - but can you actually trust the labels on all the products you see.

The unfortunate answer to that question is no. The truth is that most over the counter products that claim to help fight acne, still contain pore clogging ingredients. We cannot trust these product labels or claims because they are not regulated. That's right, no one checks to make sure there aren't active pore clogging ingredients in these products. No agency really cares if these manufacturers are advertising these skin clearing claims to simply sell product rather than actually clear skin.

Products can even change their ingredients without telling you!

A lot of times my clients will be using - what they think are acne safe products, which they have been using for long periods of time, only to find out that the ingredients have changed suddenly and their skin is suffering for it. One of the most beneficial things about working with an acne specialist is your access to the most up to date information on common pore clogging ingredients. In order to maintain clear skin, it is extremely important to have the most up to date knowledge on pore-cloggersand to check all product labels and ingredient lists as you buy each individual product you use.

PLEASE,  PLEASE,  PLEASE, do not trust all the product labels you see, as they could be leaving you with worse skin than you started with. At Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic of Salt Lake City, we know what ingredients need to be present or not present in your products and we can help instruct you on the best skincare, hair care, and makeup for your skin. This is only one of the facets of acne treatment that we specialize in and working with me on clearing your skin will ensure the most knowledge on acne safe ingredients in products.

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