Why are Estheticians different from Dermatologist? A letter from a Real Client.

Easy! You will build a relationship with your acne specialist over your treatments for acne that a doctor simply cannot provide for you!

Hi everyone,

My name is Kelsey & I have been seeing Jil with the Skin Therapy Acne Clinic of Salt Lake City for about 4 months. Right now, I have clear, beautiful skin! Before Jil, I had been suffering from non cystic acne for over 10 years. I had been to multiple dermatologist, tried multiple treatments & had pretty close to zero results.

As someone who has been through many different failed acne experiences & now, one successful experience, Id love to be the one to tell you that clear skin is just the first reason you should be seeing an Acne Specialists rather than a doctor or dermatologist. The second and maybe most exciting reason to see a specialist is due to the relationship you build with them!

To tell the truth, I never felt I had an extremely bad experience in the dermatologist office while I was seeing them. My biggest complaints were always that I truly felt there was no hope for clearing my acne (because it never cleared) & I always sat too long in the waiting room before seeing the doctor.

BUT NOW! After going through Jils treatment for acne and finally coming out on the other side with clear skin, I can look back on my time with dermatologists and say Im more than disappointed in my prior experiences, I'm actually down right mad!
Heres why.. 

I learned more about acne after my first meeting with Jil, than I ever had in my entire life!  When I left her studio, I understood what caused my acne, how to treat it & even had an idea of how long it would take to clear my skin. It was extremely obvious to me that she not only knew what she was talking about, but that she was confident in clearing my skin! I had never left an appointment about my skin with that much knowledge, let alone feeling like anyone was any bit confident in their acne treatment plan.

 So, due to her knowledge and confidence, I knew I was onto something good after just one appointment, but I would have never known how truly great seeing an acne specialist was until I continued with my treatment for acne! 

Seeing a specialist means that you are in their studio every other week for extractions and treatment planning. This ensures that there is someone taking every single step in clearing your skin with you!

Can you even imagine! Someone is with you to answer your questions, test products, explain certain reactions, track your progress, fix any problems, talk about your day, become your friend anything! Acne specialists are just as passionate about clearing your skin as you are! I had never felt this way about any dermatologist or doctor that I had ever seen. Having such a relationship with patients is just not the way a doctors office works.

After just a few weeks, I started looking forward to my appointments with Jil because I knew I would continue to get answers about my acne & it was fun to chat with her in general! Appointments get extremely enjoyable when you start seeing results! Can you imagine sharing that progress with someone, like a cheerleader routing for you from the beginning all the way until the end!

So now that I have clear skin, I think about acne specialists as the answer to acne rather than just another option. Jil, has not only become my acne specialist, but my friend & I very seriously question why acne specialists arent the only option when it comes to fighting broken out skin! If everyone just started with a specialist, they would not only be clear, but would actually enjoy the clearing experience.


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