Tips For Clear Skin

Here are some tips for getting clear skin:

Use ice instead of picking:  Ice helps inflamed lesions from getting worse and often can make them go away. Cleanse your skin first, then get an ice cube and ice your zits for a minute or two. Icing the face will also help products penetrate better.

Stop eating peanut butter, peanuts and/or peanut oil. Peanuts contain an androgen hormone that can make acne worse. Try switching to unsalted almond or cashew butter- it doesn't have the same effect as peanuts.

Stop using liquid fabric softners and dryer sheets. All of these leave a waxy residue on cloth.  Unfortunately, that wax is getting on your skin while you sleep on that soft pillowcase, and it's clogging your pores. And, don't think that fragrance free is any better - it's the waxy residue, not the fragrance.

Cut out the fast food and use uniodized salt at home. Iodides are the culprit in the foods that you eat - it irritates the follicle walls and breaks you out. A lot of vitamins and protein drinks contain high levels of iodides also.

Start taking zinc supplements. Research indicates that the best form to take is zinc monomethionine.  Always take with food. Zinc monomethionine helps with inflammation from the inside out.  Fish Oil, Vitamin A and D is also helpful.

For women - use noncomedogenic (non pore-clogging) makeup and hair care. Don't take birth control pills that are low estrogen pills

Find a skincare professional who understands these concepts and can help guide you in using the right products in the right way. If they give you an "acne kit" or a prescription for antibiotics and/or a retinoid without telling you how to use it, seek out someone else.

These few tips can help make a big difference in helping you get clear skin.

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