Quick Skincare Tips for Your Acne Prone Tween or Teenager

It's no surprise that most individual's first taste of acne is at the start of puberty.  As puberty arrives bodies go through many different changes.  One change is the increase in the gonadotropin hormone levels in both girls and boys.  This triggers a cycle in those who are acne prone -of more sebum, excessive skin cell production which clog's the pore and creates a perfect place for bacteria to grow.  This is where acne starts and the cycle from the beginning of a zit to when it reaches the surface of the skin can take three to four months.

Since most acne appears during puberty.  Typically age 9 for girls and age 11 for boys, I suggest teaching your child some healthy skincare habits beforehand.  when the acne hits you'll have a teenager who has a good foundation of following a simple skincare routine which can help immensely in controlling their acne.


Get your kids cleansing their face on a regular basis.  Clean hands and a very mild face wash are all they will need. Start by having your child cleanse in the morning either in the shower or after they brush their teeth.  Once they are consistent with cleansing in the morning add a night cleansing to their routine.

No picking

Picking at pimples can become a bad habit quickly.  I've seen lots of "pickers" in our clinic.  One of my first priorities is to get that client to stop picking because it spreads bacteria and can cause scarring. If it seems that your child or teenager is picking maybe inquire about the reason behind this activity.  We see picking in our clinic attributed to boredom anxiety or embarrassment over their acne.


Keeping skin moisturized is important for everyone.  I always suggest moisturizing in the morning and at night. This step would follow cleansing.  However, if this is too many steps for a younger child to follow just moisturize at night.  Reason being is that the next step " Sunscreen" can double as the morning moisturizer.


Teach your child and teenager to always wear sunscreen during the day as the last step in their skin care routine.  Sunscreen helps prevent sunburns which can lead to skin cancer, wrinkles and premature aging later in life.

Have more questions about clearing acne and helping your tween or teenager have clear skin?  Call us at 801-800-6602.

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