Myths About Acne

Here are some common myths about acne:

1.     Acne is caused by dirty skin.

Unfortunately this myth causes a lot of overcleaning of the face with soaps and strong detergent cleansers.   Over cleansing will only irritate acne and may cause more acne to appear.  Cleansing with the right type of product such as a sensitive or a benzoyl peroxide cleanser if you have inflammatory acne (not bar soaps or harsh detergent based cleansers) twice a day is good enough.

2.     Chocolate is bad for my acne.

Nope, try again. Clinical experiments have proven that chocolate does not cause or worsen acne.  So chocolate will NOT put your acne into overdrive.    It's the salt or iodides found in the foods and vitamins you consume. So if your eating large amounts of fast food, dairy products, sushi, kelp…..stop or cut back. The iodides in these foods could exacerbate your acne. Also, check your vitamins for iodides. If need be change to a vitamin free of iodides.

3.     I can dry up my acne.

Not true. Drying out your face only makes your skin sensitive, flaky, tight and uncomfortable.  Your face is dry on the surface, but that doesn't really clean out your pores. Using a combination of acne products that keep the pore clean, kill bacteria and exfoliate without over drying is how you clear up acne.

4.     I don't need to use a sunscreen.

Oh, yes you do! Not only does a sunscreen prevent acne spots from becoming pigmented, it also helps hydrate the face during the day while your using an acne regimen.  Make sure the sunscreen/moisturizer you use is noncomedogenic (non pore-clogging).

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