Helpful Habits For Keeping Your Skin Clear

There are a lot of little things to keep in mind when it comes to preventing acne. A big one is cleanliness, but not just of your skin. You also want to think of things that regularly come into contact with your face. Here are a few things to remember while on your journey of getting clear skin and keeping it clear, from cleanliness to clearing acne from the inside out.

1. Wash your pillowcases, sheets, towels, and scarves

Keeping these items clean routinely will help reduce harmful bacteria coming into contact with your face. We recommend using detergents that will facilitate clear skin like Tide Free, All Free, and Arm and Hammer Free.

2. One that note, remember to wash your glasses

Other items that you may not have thought about would be your cell phone, headphones, helmet, and glasses. Glasses need to be washed every day with a mild soap like Johnson’s baby wash. Other items that touch your face need to be wiped down regularly with an antibacterial wipe.

3. Cleanse your face twice a day

This one is especially important for all you makeup lovers out there. Getting rid of dirt, sweat, and makeup at the end of the day is key to getting clear skin, as well as starting the day off right with a freshly washed face. Try Gentle Wash for starters. Washing every morning and night will help keep breakouts away.

4. Watch out for your hands

Picking and scratching your skin are definitely no-nos, but touching your skin in general can also have negative consequences. Always wash your hands before touching or washing your face.

5. Remember to be gentle with yourself and your skin

Having acne is something that some people are born with and some people aren’t. Remember that it’s okay and with patience and the right routine and products, your skin can be clear. This also goes to say that overcleansing can be as damaging as not cleansing at all, so be gentle with yourself on all fronts; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

6. Clear skin comes from the inside too

Diet, sleep, stress, hormones. All these things can have an impact on good skin. You want to watch out for foods that are high in hormones and avoid situations that stress you out. Drinking lots of water is huge as well as getting enough sleep at night. Try sleeping with an eyemask (that you wash regularly) and earplugs. You’ll be amazed at how taking care of these aspects of your life affect your skin and consequently, your wellbeing.

7. Use ice to calm skin and breakouts

This is a tip that not many people know about but greatly reduces redness and irritation. Giving your skin an ice bath for 1-2 minutes a day helps reduce inflammation as well as helping pores open up so products can penetrate deeper.

Some of these habits you may have heard before or seem obvious, while others you probably haven’t. We hope these highlights some habits help you establish a good foundation for healthy skin care. For more info and tips, follow us on Instagram at @utahacneclinic.

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