Can Kissing Cause Breakouts?

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Now here is the situation. Your skin has been beautifully, perfectly, stunningly clear for months (except maybe a couple hormonal pimples here and there, but no big deal, right...)
And then it happens out of seemingly nowhere. You meet a boy. A male distraction, if you will. Kissing ensues. Unfortunately accompanied by some upsettingly painful cystic acne on your chin.
This is a fairly common occurrence among women dating men with stubble or with beards. The official term for it is Acne Mechanica.  But what is it exactly?

According to an article sited in JAMA dermatology 1975 -The term acne mechanica designates local exacerbations due to pressure, friction, rubbing, squeezing, or stretching. Examples are given of various physical traumata that provoke lesions in acne patients. The precipitating causes of stress are diverse, they include articles of clothing (tight straps and belts), recreational accouterments (football shoulder pads, helmets etc.), or occupational pressure (rubbing).

So, what are you supposed to do? Just stop kissing your new flame altogether?

Worry not, you probably don’t have to go that far. Here are a few tips to helping you combat Acne Mechanica.

A Clean Shaven Face

Much of the rashiness caused by kissing can be helped by a clean shaven face. Stubble is akin to sandpaper on sensitive skin (and possibly even if your skin isn’t sensitive!) and causes tenderness and hypersensitivity.

Products He Uses

It may also be a product on his skin that is causing a reaction. If he uses an aftershave that contains things like coconut oil, or a beard conditioner with pore cloggers, that could definitely be contributing to your delicate skin problems.

Have Him Rock a Shaggy Look

Longer facial hair on him means less irritation for you! It can still be a little rough for your skin, but having him use a conditioner in the shower that he rinses off thoroughly will help the softness of his beard and the rough texture on your face.


Let’s face it, some guys are just not as hygienic as girls. If they go more than a day without washing and conditioning their facial hair, some germs might just end up on your acne-prone skin and cause a breakout.

Cleanse and Moisturize Afterward

Hands down, the best way to deal with breakouts from kissing to just go ahead and wash your face afterward (you can try this Gentle Wash on for size) and thoroughly moisturize (this is also an amazing product you should try.) Think of it as a huge step in self-care. It won’t always be the most convenient option, but it will be the most effective in keeping acne breakouts away.

If you found these tips helpful and really want to take your skincare to the next level, go ahead and set up and appointment with us today here. And if you didn’t find these tips helpful, let us help you clear up your acne and keep those annoying breakouts away by clicking this link here. Our dedicated staff if committed to helping you get clear and we have the knowledge to make it happen for you. Call us today! 801-800-6602

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