Adult Acne Treatments

Adult Acne Treatments

Acne doesn't just plague teenagers, it is also a concern for many adults.  Adult acne is just as prominent in society these days and can be triggered by hormonal fluctuations, stress and poor nutrition.

Adult acne or hormonal acne usually shows up on the lower part of the face like the jawline but can also include the cheeks.  Deep, painful,  zits that stick around for weeks is a regular complaint of adult acne suffers. So if you are struggling with adult acne/ hormonal acne and wondering if there is anything you can do to help treat the acne here are some suggestions.

- Don't pick.  Leave the deep zits and bumps alone.  Picking only makes them worse and can create scar tissue and damage the follicle.
- Get your ice out.  Ice the deep zits immediately once you feel them. 2 minutes twice a day. By doing this you are helping take down the inflammation associated with the zit and you may even  shorten the life of that zit.
- Reduce your stress. Get involved in meditation or yoga. Stress causes hormone fluctuations.
-For women, if you are using birth control check to make sure you are on a high estrogen, low androgen type birth control.  Low estrogen, high androgen birth control methods can irritate acne.
-Cut back on ingesting fast food and protein shakes, vitamins and milk products.  All which contain large amounts of iodides.
- Last but not least, get on a good, non- pore clogging daily skincare regimen. An Acne Specialist can help you control your adult acne once and for all!  For more information about adult acne and hormonal acne in Salt Lake City, Utah read on.....

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