Acne Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Dermatologists are the first choice for someone that is suffering from acne or any other skin disorder. When you have a bump or something on your skin that is abnormal it's natural to want to see your doctor for professional advice. It’s smart to get a diagnosis to be sure that what your experiencing is acne and not just an “acne imposter” that may need to be treated by a dermatologist. If you aren’t positive or you’re unsure about your condition, start with a dermatologist

If you have already seen a dermatologist and know that you have acne and haven’t been satisfied with the results from over the counter products or the suggestions from your doctor, then an Acne Specialist should be the next step for you. Most physicians don’t have the time to spend educating their patients on the root cause of their acne and often prescribe oral antibiotics, topicals, and other medications with short and long term side effects.

Some of the products prescribed can result in red, irritated skin and may cause joint pain or nausea. This typically leads to the patient stopping their routine prescribed due to symtoms and side effects. In addition, it’s often complicated to communicate with your care provider and often times your skin questions may not seem urgent or as important.
What Skintherapy Skincare & Acne Clinic can do for you..

As skin care professionals who specialize in acne, we will analyze your skin and acne type as well as test your skin for sensitivities to our products. We will take the time to teach you the root cause of your acne, and exactly what that means for you. We will go over lifestyle, diet, and pore -clogging ingredients in makeup, hair and skincare products that can “exacerbate”, or make acne worse.

We will take the time to determine what exactly is contributing to your acne. We will develop a routine specifically for you, one that works with your lifestyle. We will give you the knowledge you are missing to take charge of your acne and keep it under control!

Our program includes use of specific home care products specifically designed for your skin and acne type. Treatments are done every three weeks to speed up the process. These sessions can include deep pore cleansing, extractions, chemical peels and small changes to your homecare.

At Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic we are there for you every step of the way. Once you are apart of our program, you have a direct line of communication with your Acne Expert and get prompt responses to all your questions.

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