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You've dreamed of having clear skin but are still suffering from acne. You may have been a teenager when you got your first pimple and it may very well have followed you into adulthood.  You have probably tried products and programs which promised a cure to your acne but that promise never happened. You may have gone as far as taking some crazy prescription drugs such as Accutane, but those pesky pimples came back. Let me tell you why, because acne can never be cured, but rather managed.

Think of diabetes as an example for comparable treatment patterns as acne. With the correct lifestyle choices, skincare and treatments, your skin can maintain a clear complexion, just as blood sugar can be maintained with the correct treatments and dietary habits. Although acne cannot be cured, an acne expert can help you achieve clear skin by helping you control the acne with a personalized treatment plan.

Acne stems from genetic traits.  If you are prone to acne, it usually runs in your family and unfortunately you can't just throw out these traits.  A person without the acne trait sheds skin cells once a day in each pore, while those with the acne trait, shed skin cells up to seven times a day. These skin cells clog our pores, ultimately causing acne and leaving us without an absolute cure.   So if we can't stop our skin cells from shedding, how do you maintain clear skin? This is a great question which many professionals believe can be solved with some magical prescriptions and Retin A.  However, the majority of acne sufferers have tried this approach and it has failed. Failed because the topicals are too harsh and drying to be used consistently to keep the pore cleared out and the oral antibiotics alone only assist in killing bacteria.  Getting acne under control can be done with a different approach used by an acne specialist.

Here is what an  acne expert can do that's different from a doctor, dermatologists or any other acne option available.  How do I know this? I'm an acne expert,  I'm also a  previous employee of multiple doctors and dermatologist who haven't had time in their busy schedules to really give their acne patients the attention they need. Most doctors see up to 40 patients per day so spending about five to ten minutes with each patient is the norm. But as an acne specialist we have the time to spend with our acne clients. In fact, we talk about everything that could be impacting your acne.  We start with a few lifestyle changes, to eliminate the use of any product or food that could be making your acne worse. This includes using shampoo, makeup, lotion, and laundry detergent without pore clogging ingredients. It also means staying away from milk or anything high in salt, among other things. Then, we start a routine of bi-weekly extractions and chemical peels, as well as a routine of using the correct products at home. Depending on your progress every other week, we change your product to ensure the safest and most successful clearing process. Eventually, your pores are all cleared out and your habitual product use keeps them that way!

For most people, the clearing process takes from 3 to 6 months, but every case is different and it can take various versions of the same treatment plan to get your skin clear. Using an acne specialist, who has worked with many skin types and acne types, is the best way to ensure the most successful plan for you! Without an absolute cure, the help of an acne specialist is the surest way to achieve results and treat your acne!

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