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Tiffany Harris


“Jil Goorman changed my life. Before I started going to her, I had terrible acne, and because of it, terrible confidence in myself. Throughout high school, I never actually felt pretty, ever. I was self-conscience everywhere I went, even in my own home with nobody to see me but my parents and siblings. I worked tirelessly at trying to cover my acne up with make-up and I hated having pictures taken because my skin always looked so broken out, especially compared to my friends, who all had beautiful skin. It was horrible.

I had this problem for several years and I thought that as a teen, I would just get past the acne. We tried everything out there, and I mean everything. We went to the dermatologist at one point and he put me on antibiotics, which did nothing for my skin at all. The only thing we refused to try was Accutane because my oldest brother had some health issues resulting from it.

We decided that we wanted to find a treatment that was natural. While searching for this we came across Jil’s website.  She practices 3 hours away from where we live, but we immediately set up an appointment with her and have loved every minute since. I started seeing her and after 3 or 4 weeks, my skin began to look better. She’s so good at specializing the product for each individual, based on what their skin will or won’t improve with. After about 3 months, I was completely cleared up. Now, 9 months later, I am still using her product religiously and I don’t have any problems with acne at all. My scarring has almost completely faded and I feel pretty everyday. I get compliments on my clear skin all the time, ranging from friends to cousins that haven’t seen me in a while to people I barely knew, but that saw me all through high school. I could not thank Jil enough for what she’s done for me and wish I could give her a higher rating than five stars. I would recommend her to everybody!”

Tiffany Harris
2 years ago