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New Suppliments at Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic

If you understand the cause of acne then it makes sense that taking zinc and selenium for acne is beneficial.  The good news is that when zinc and selenium are taken in combination with other acne products and acne treatments that your acne specialist recommends,...

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Fish Oil for Acne

What do fish oil and cod liver oil have to do with acne, anyway? In a nutshell, fish oil - or rather, omega-3 fatty acids - appears to help some people clear up their skin faster.  This is because omega-3s reduce inflammation in a few different ways. At our Acne...

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Sugar and Acne

If you're acne prone, you may want to try cutting back on empty carbs and sweets. Researchers are revisiting the connections between diet and acne and a growing body of evidence suggests that eating a diet rich in high glycemic index foods may be tied to flare-ups....

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Acne Scarring-How Should I Treat My Scars?

Acne Scars Acne can be a devastating disorder – not only is it frustrating to have active acne in the form of spots, redness and pustules, these lesions can leave their mark in the form of scars and dark spots. Before we talk about acne scarring, let’s address the...

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What you need to know about Sunscreen

With the summer months in full swing, questions about sunscreen become greater and more of a concern for almost everyone. Physical, chemical, mineral, zinc or broad-spectrum? These days there are what seems to be hundreds of different sunscreens on the market. But...

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Acne Excoriee- What are the Signs and Symptoms

Acne excoriée is a type of acne that is sometimes called picker's acne because it occurs when the affected individual picks at the acne lesions. The picking exacerbates the acne and causes scars; the scarring leads to more acne and, ultimately, more picking. The...

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Milk….Will it Make Acne Worse?

Finally medical researchers have affirmed that dairy products do worsen acne. How does milk affect acne and what are the precautions to be taken? Many of our clients at Skintherapy Skincareand Acne Clinic wonder why it's so important to cut milk out of their diets....

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Acne Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Dermatologists are the first choice for someone that is suffering from acne or any other skin disorder. When you have a bump or something on your skin that is abnormal it's natural to want to see your doctor for professional advice. It’s smart to get a diagnosis to be...

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Antibiotics and Acne – More Harm than Good?

At Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic of Salt Lake City, we fight acne with an individualized program of product use, lifestyle changes and safe extractions. It is usually a 12 week process to get clear and then continued product use keeps your skin clear. We see...

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