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5 Things to Avoid When You Have Acne

Triggers for acne come in a variety of different forms, as you have probably experienced in your lifetime. Sometimes it seems like these triggers are random and incoherent, whereas other times you generally know when you expect a breakout and about how long it will...

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A Drug-Free Way to Clear Acne

In today’s day and age, people and teenagers alike tend to gravitate toward quick fixes and easy cures. The only problem with that is acne can’t be cured with a pill or antibiotic. Those solutions are usually only temporary and can cause health problems if used...

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5 Food's That Can Trigger Acne in Your Teen.

Think about all the new experiences that happen in your teens; driving, dating, college, friends, jobs. Teens teeter on the line of independence and discipline essentially until the day they move out on their own. It can be a tumultuous time for teenagers. And on top...

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What Your Teen Wants You To Know About Their Acne…

What your teenager tells you:   “Yes, I have been washing my face.” “Yes, I am trying not to pick.” “No, I don’t want to go to the school dance. Dances are lame.”   What your teenager doesn’t tell you:   “I’ve been washing my face more aggressively than ever but I...

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What Causes Adult Acne and How to Fix It.

As a teen with acne, your dreams are made up of days where you no longer suffer from embarrassing breakouts. Adulthood is the ticket out of Zitville, at least you hope anyway.  Adult acne is classified as having acne over the age of 25. At that point, your teen years...

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7 Lifestyle Choices to Keep Your Acne At Bay

Want to know some secrets to clear skin? Read on for solid advice on how to keep bothersome acne from intruding on your life.   1. Working Out: Good for Your Body and Your Skin   New year, new you, right? The gym is a great place to develop strength and fitness, but...

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Flawless Wedding Day Skin

You're about to start a big chapter in your life and there's a buzz of excitement in the air. And there’s so much to do!   Planning a wedding is no joke. You've got to find a venue, decide on your invitation list, choose a ring for your hubby-to-be, find a caterer,...

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Will I Ever Outgrow My Acne?

They say there is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to acne, which is the adage that it’s “just a phase. You grow out of it. It won’t last forever.”   It’s these popular beliefs that keep kids going. In fact, if you ask many adolescents, they might tell...

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Do Greasy Foods Make You Break Out?

    Who doesn’t love a delicious slice of pizza on a Friday night? Or an appetizing cheeseburger while out to lunch with friends? Greasy foods have become a staple called “American Food” and rightly so. There’s nothing more American than throwing some hot dogs on the...

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