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Top Acne Treatment Mistakes

If you have acne or are acne prone this is a list of the most common mistakes people make when treating their acne. Take a look.  Are u one of them??- Excessive sun or tanning bed exposure- Scrubbing with harsh chemicals like bleach- Picking, picking, picking- Over...

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Get Rid of Body Acne

Body acne can be embarrassing and painful to endure.  If you have body acne your not alone. About 1/3 for people who struggle with facial acne also have body acne on their chest and back according to most common way people seek treatment for their body...

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Adult Acne Treatments

Acne doesn't just plague teenagers, it is also a concern for many adults.  Adult acne is just as prominent in society these days and can be triggered by hormonal fluctuations, stress and poor nutrition. Adult acne or hormonal acne usually shows up on the lower part of...

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Get Rid of Acne with Chemical Peels

If you are an acne suffer and believe that doing a chemical peel will fix your acne....  Think again!Chemical peels can be good exfoliating treatments, when performed by a professional. A chemical peel can aid in the clearing of your acne but it must be used in...

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Common Myths About Acne

Here are some common myths about Acne:1.     Acne is caused by dirty skin: Unfortunately this myth causes a lot of overcleaning of the face with soaps and strong detergent cleansers.   Over cleansing will only irritate acne and may actually make it worse.  Cleansing...

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How to Treat Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne is the most visible of all the acne types and is also the type of acne that leaves permanent pitted scarring.  Cystic Acne is seen most in adolescent boys, it is characterized by large red pustules and cysts, it is also very painful for the sufferer.The...

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An Acne Solution that Really Works!!

When I first started out in 2005 as a Master Esthetican I felt like I needed to be everything for everybody.  What I mean is that I offered pedicures, manicures, body waxing, teeth whitening, and skincare in my business. However, as time went on and as my knowledge...

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How to Successfully Treat Acne….

If you search the internet you will find a multitude of  information on how to successfully treat acne. Usually the information is coupled with a sales strategy from some skincare brand trying to get you to purchase their products. The information, promises and...

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Treating Acne with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has become the "go to" product of 2013.  Dr. Oz has referred to Coconut Oil as having super powers and can aid in people losing weight, treating skin conditions, ulcers and much more. HOWEVER, acne is a skin condition that doesn't respond well to Coconut...

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