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How to Treat Acne on Black Skin

Ethnic Acne & Dark SpotsAcne affects people of all races & while acne can be treated on all skin types, acne treatments for darker skin tones need to be carefully monitored and managed.    Why? Darker skin tones have more “active” melanocytes. Melanocytes are...

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Treating Acne Scars

 Acne Scar TypesScarring from acne is a reality that many folks have to face everyday, but just as The Skin Therapy Acne Clinic provides treatment for acne that result in clear & beautiful skin - we can also help with your acne scarring! Acne is the sort of...

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Body Acne-Getting Rid of Body Acne

Body acne can be as embarrassing and frustrating as having acne on your face.  The summer time can be especially challenging for those who suffer from body acne since swimsuits and tank tops become the norm during the hot summer months.  Fortunately, body acne can be...

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Skin care and Treating Acne

Skin care can be just as important as the treatment(s) you use to clear your acne. In fact with the proper in clinic treatments and skin care regimen acne can be controlled successfully without the use of prescriptions. Here are some guidelines for picking the best...

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Staph Infection…Commonly Mistaken for Acne

  Red, painful, inflamed lesions on the face is this acne or something else??Staphylococci BacteriaStaphylococci bacteria can safely live on the skin's surface, and a article by Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler reports that the bacteria lives in the nose...

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